What are some new Disney Hollywood Studios rides?

Many of you reading this right now probably haven’t been back since a few new Disney Hollywood Studios rides were opened between 2019 and 2020. Either or you’re itching to go back and experience them again or you want to experience them for the first time. The important thing is that between the new rides, your old favorites, wonderful food, and easy-to-follow safety guidelines, your trip to Disney World will be awesome.

Star Wars Attractions

Last year, Disney introduced the Star Wars universe to Disney World. It began with Galaxy’s Edge, which introduces you to the galaxy of Star Wars with intricately detailed surroundings, the Droid Depot where you make your own droid, a cantina full of tasty beverages, a ride aboard the Millennium Falcon, and more. Toward the end of 2019, Rise of the Resistance opened up to take visitors on an adventure against the First Order.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

This incredible ride is the first such attraction to focus on the classic Mickey and Minnie characters opened up not long before the park was shut down, which means that few visitors have been able to enjoy it so far. In this wonderful adventure, our two plucky heroes must save the day when Goofy’s train goes a little crazy. Also featuring everyone’s favorite duck and dog – Donald and Pluto – this ride is fun for kids and adults of all ages.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Disney has always gone to great lengths to ensure the safety and health of their guests in every single one of their theme parks. Now that they’ve reopened, you can expect them to follow all COVID-19 guidelines along with their own choices to keep people safe.

Social Distancing

Without a doubt, social distancing – staying a minimum of six feet apart from others – is the best way to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Throughout Disney World, you’ll see markers on the ground indicating where to stand so that everyone can remain at a safe distance. The areas that are normally reserved for the FastPass+ program have been opened up to help make this easier, too.

Wearing Face Masks

The next best way to prevent the coronavirus from spreading is by wearing face masks, especially in situations where you may not be able to always social distance. Face masks help block the droplets that are necessary for the virus to travel. When used in conjunction with other methods, they are extremely effective, which is why Disney World has required their usage.

Regular Cleanings

Disney World has always prided itself on the cleanliness of their park and you can expect that to continue. However, you’ll also find an increased regimen to keep things virus-free, including regular wipe-downs of high-contact areas. As another added precaution, there are hand sanitizers located all throughout the park for your convenience.

Benefits of a Disney VIP Tour

Signing up for a private tour has always been the best way to experience the park, and the Disney Hollywood Studios rides are absolutely no exception. With the help of Disney VIP tour guides, you’ll witness the park in ways that you never have before.

Reduce Time in Line

As wonderfully gorgeous as Disney World is, no one likes to stand in line and look around for several hours out of their day. Your private Disney VIP tour guide will help reduce the time that you spend in line by directing you to the most popular rides first, getting from one place to the next with ease, and other such techniques. Since the FastPass+ program has been temporarily halted, their services are now more valuable than ever before.

Discover Tasty Food

If there’s one thing that rivals the rides and events at Disney World, it’s definitely the food. Not only are there multiple restaurants that offer some of the best meals you’ll ever experience, but there are plenty of tasty snacks and beverages littered throughout the park. With a private tour, your guide will direct you to all of your old favorites and help you discover new ones.

Choose a Disney Resort

Making Disney hotel reservations can be a bit of a chore because there are so many wonderful resorts to choose from. There are hotels to fit every budget and include amenities such as themed rooms, water slides, fitness centers, business centers, character breakfasts, and much more. If you give your guide a list of specifications, he or she will find the resorts that fit your needs and then make the reservations for you, if you so desire.

Contact World Class VIP to Enjoy Disney Hollywood Studios Rides

World Class VIP can help you get the most out of Disney World by reducing the time you spend in line, making hotel reservations, planning an itinerary, leading you to tasty food, navigating the park, keeping your belonging secure, and more. To receive a private Disney VIP tour quote, call us at (407) 270-1781 today.

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