How to plan to visit Disney in November.

No matter what time of year it is, Disney World attracts millions of people from all around the globe who can’t wait to indulge in numerous attractions and events centered around their favorite cartoon and movie characters. Perhaps you’ve already indulged your love of theme parks this year and are looking to come back or have been putting it off for a while and want to visit before the year is out.

There isn’t a lot of time left in 2019, so if you want to check out everything that Disney has to offer before the end of the year, the month of November is a great time to do so, especially since crowds are typically lower than in other months. To help you enjoy the magic of Disney in November as much as possible, we have compiled a quick list of tips for you and your loved ones.

Start Planning Your Trip ASAP

If you’re going to visit Disney in November, then you should definitely make plans immediately so that you’re not pressed for time or can’t make the most out of the trip. This will give you more time to prepare and will ensure that you’ll be able to sign up for special events and get the perfect hotel room just in case they get booked up.

Pack Your Suitcase with Light Clothing for Disney in November

Since November at Disney will be far past the very hot summer that most of us had to endure this year, don’t forget to pack light clothing and maybe even some shorts and sandals. Just remember that you’ll still be out in the sun quite a bit, so you want to cover any exposed areas with sunscreen.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Disney VIP Tour

Once you have your own personal tour guide to plan out your day and make sure that everything goes smoothly, you’ll never want to visit Disney in November without one ever again. Your guide will assist you with strategizing your day, discovering new dining opportunities, making Disney hotel reservations, keeping your personal items secure, and more.

Have a General Idea of Your Overall Plan

In order to optimize your time at Disney in November, it definitely won’t hurt to check their website for the most current map of the park. From there, you can create a general idea of which attractions you’ll see and in which order. This will make visiting Disney in November much easier, but be sure to be flexible once you arrive.

Be Ready for Christmas Events

Once Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has concluded, there is only a week before Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party commences. So, even though Disney in November might not seem like it would be a great time to celebrate the yuletide holiday, events such as this one say otherwise.

Download a Waiting Time App

Visiting Disney in November is a whole lot easier when you are able to track the waiting time for each of the rides and attractions at the park throughout the day. We don’t want to play favorites, so we would suggest that you search online for the most highly recommended apps that cater to tracking these times.

World Class VIP Will Make Disney in November Memorable

World Class VIP can assist you with getting the most out of visiting Disney in November. Our Disney VIP tour guides will help plan your itinerary, assist you with skipping lines, make hotel reservations, locate tasty places to eat, and much more. To receive a private VIP Disney tour quote or if you have any questions about our services or tour guides, give us a call today.

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