There is a little-known feature of Disney World called ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This is a theme park-sized sporting indoor and outdoor arena. Over 60 different sports are hosted here for people of all age ranges. There are options to host your own events, watch others events, or participate in an event hosted by different sporting clubs around the nation. The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is a must-see for sports fans of all ages. If you are planning to check out the complex, make your experience as enjoyable and easy as possible with World Class VIP. Disney private tours of the sports complex will get you the best seats at the club and on the field.

Why Disney Private Tours Make for a Better Experience

When you book your Disney private tour and include the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in your itinerary, you are going to have a fantastic experience compared to other guests.


If you are an avid sports fan and wish to take in a game on the large screen TV in the VIP seating area of the ESPN club, Disney private tours through Word Class VIP will be sure that you have great seats with no waiting in line to get in. People that reserve VIP seating essentially pay for their food upfront. The cost to reserve space ensures that guests will show up. The cost of the seats is then deducted from your food bill. There will be no waiting, no squinting at small screens, and the best service in the club.

Fields and Live Events

If you plan to visit the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex during your Disney private tours, your tour guide will be equipped with a full list of the days live events for you to take in. There is always something going on at the complex, kids baseball or basketball championships, tennis matches, soccer, and even track and field events. Rather than wandering around the 230 acres looking for your favorite sports your World Class VIP tour guide will lead you right to where you want to be.
Book Disney private tours of the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex with World Class VIP today and make your visit the most memorable and hassle-free!

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