See which Disney World Resorts you should stay in during your Orlando vacation!

Disney World is filled with all types of fun activities and incredible characters, but many travelers seem to forget that where they stay is also a huge part of the adventure. Select the right Disney Resort Hotel and your Orlando trip will be complete.

Which of the wonderful hotels that are available should you choose? While the choice will often come down to personal preference, there are definitely a variety of factors but you should consider. Below or a few things that you should think about when deciding between the Disney resorts in Orlando.

Resort Hotel Budget for Your Trip

One of the greatest things about choosing between Disney World hotels for your trip is that you can find one that fits your budget. As you can probably imagine, some of the hotels are quite lavish in design and provide top-notch amenities for those who are willing to pay a little extra. However, there are also what many would consider being “discount hotels,” which are still high-quality places to stay with awesome themes and beautiful rooms.

Proximity to Disney World and Activities

You know what they say – location, location, location! Many travelers book Disney hotel reservations based on each resort’s proximity to Disney World. They’re trying to get every single minute they can out of their trip, so they want their travel time to be negligible whenever possible. Disney resorts in Orlando will provide quick transportation from your hotel to the theme park, so you can take that into consideration, too.

Amount of Time Spent at Hotel

When planning your Orlando vacation, factor in how much time you’re likely to spend at the hotel each night. If you’re planning a relatively quick trip, such as only a few days, then all of your time might be spent at Disney World and maybe another location or two. This could mean that you don’t need all the special amenities that several of the resort hotels include. If your trip is longer or your itinerary isn’t entirely full, you may want to stay at a hotel that maximizes activity opportunities.

Look at the List of Amenities

For many Disney World visitors, hotel amenities can rank right up there with meeting their favorite characters and hopping on a variety of exciting rides. Disney World hotels offer amenities ranging from swimming pools and spas to water slides and themed rooms. This can be especially important when you have little ones along for the trip because they may need something to do.

Check Out Dining Opportunities

Disney resorts in Orlando offer different types of dining opportunities that are sure to fit every type of appetite. Some hotels will also provide character dining experiences so that their guests can share a meal with specific Disney favorites. Food is often a big part of the Disney experience, so this is important to you, be sure to call ahead and ask about what types of food will be on the menu.

Show Your Child the List of Options

Whenever possible, give your kids the opportunity to give their own opinion over which hotel you decide to stay in. Narrow down the list to a few different ones and go over the amenities that you think they will enjoy and ask what they think. Even if you only give them two different ones to choose from, they will love to feel as if they are a part of the decision-making process.

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