Safety at Disney World is the park’s and our tour guide’s number one priority.

Anyone who has ever been to Disney World knows that the park covers an extremely large area and that crowds can get rather hectic. It isn’t uncommon for people to get separated from their group, but when this involves a child, it can be a harrowing experience.

Disney World is all about having fun, but it’s even more important that your children remain safe at all times. To help make sure that happens, we’ve compiled a few Disney safety tips that will show you how to prep your kids, ways to keep them secure, and what to do in case someone strays from the pack.

Talk to Them Before and After Arriving

It’s important you go over a few Disney safety rules with your kids before you arrive. In addition to the well-known “stranger danger,” you also need to impart upon them how easy it is to get separated in such a large area and that if anything happens, they can seek out any cast member for help.

Always Keep a Watchful Eye on Them

This obviously goes without saying, but with everything going on around you, it’s very easy to look away for a split second and discover that your young child has run off because he or she saw something that caught their attention. Depending on how many people are in your party and their ages, it’s a good idea to assign one or two teens or adults to each young child whenever possible.

Use a Safety Leash for the Little Ones

If your children are especially young, it’s a great idea to keep them on one of those safety leashes that prevent them from going too far away from you. Another obvious Disney safety technique is to secure your little ones in a stroller, which will ensure that they don’t run off without you.

Enlist the Help of a Disney VIP Tour Guide

Safety at Disney World is even easier when you have someone with you who has the responsibility of taking care of your group. Although you don’t want to rely solely on Disney VIP tour guides, the additional set of eyes definitely can’t hurt. Plus, your guide will help you reduce your time spent in line, make Disney hotel reservations, program your FastPasses, discover awesome places to eat, and a whole lot more.

Take a Picture of Them When You Arrive

If your child gets separated from you and you’re forced to enlist help, it’s beneficial if you’ve taken a picture of them that morning before entering the park. This will be more effective in tracking your child down, especially since the picture can be disseminated amongst cast members quickly.

Provide Your Kids with Contact Information

If your child gets separated and is found by a cast member or even another family, having your contact information will be invaluable. For children who are too young to memorize your phone number or if you’re afraid he or she might forget it, you can pick up an armband that will have all of the pertinent information on it.

Don’t Panic – Turn to a Disney Cast Member

Realizing your child has become separated from your group can be a very frightening experience, but it’s important that you don’t panic. Disney World is actually a very secure place and their cast members have been trained on how to deal with lost children. Reach out to the closest one and they will work together to get him or her back to you safely.

Experience Disney World with World Class VIP

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