Taking a trip to Disney with your family can be very stressful and expensive. You hear about people taking these private Disney tours and having a blast. Now you are stuck, do you go to Disney and rough it with the rest of the crowds or pay for a tour? Another question looming in your head may be, exactly how much do Disney VIP tour services cost?

When it comes to private tours at Disney World parks in Orlando you have a lot of choices. There are many companies offering tours, some costing up to $300-400 per hour. That is a ton of extra vacation money to be shelling out especially when you are required to make a commitment to at least 6 or 7 consecutive hours each day. There are raved about companies doing it at much more affordable rates. World Class VIP Tours at Disney parks in Orlando will save you more than half of that amount and bring you twice the experience.

Usually, a Disney VIP tour service will tout behind the scenes experiences, but most Disney goers want the full experience. Using the World Class VIP’s Private Disney tour service, you get the whole experience of Disney. You get the memorable entrance along with good seats at the parade, roam the park, and get into the princess brunch that you couldn’t manage to schedule months ahead of time. You get it all, and for much less money than many of the other VIP tour services available.

You can spend the day being rushed around to parts of the park you may have never wanted to see for tons of cash or spend the day having the true Disney experience with your family and a Disney VIP tour guide. Your tour guide is your personal assistant and concierge for successfully navigating the park like you have been there a thousand times before. You won’t miss a thing, you will get on all the rides you wanted, the kids will be thrilled, and the adults will still be happy and relaxed by the time dinner rolls around.06

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