Your Disney World Guide for an Orlando Vacation.

The new year is fully underway and now is a great time to start planning your next family vacation. There are many places to choose from across the country and around the world, of course, but none of them hold a candle to Orlando’s most famous theme park, Disney World.

To say that this theme park is massive would be a severe understatement, which is why it’s always best to plan ahead whenever possible. We’d like to help you get started the right way, which is why we’ve compiled a short but sweet Disney World guide that will focus on some of the most useful tips you can follow to get the most out of your visit.

Decide When You’d Like to Visit

This is the first decision you’ll need to make and it will often determine exactly what you’ll be doing during your time at the park, whether you sign up for a single day or multiple days. Like every other year, 2020 will be full of many different events that celebrate national holidays, marathons, Broadway, and more. You’ll need to take into consideration the increase in attendance during these special events, too.

Book Your Hotel in Advance

There are several different types of Disney resort hotels available, but some of them fill up quickly, especially when a special event is closing in or already in progress. Some hotels have options that include water slides, character breakfasts, themed rooms, and other exciting features for both adults and children. To secure a spot at the resort of your choice, we recommend that you make your Disney hotel reservations as far in advance as possible.

Set a Food and Souvenir Budget

Everyone knows that there’s a nearly endless supply of fantastic food and delightful souvenirs to discover throughout the park. This makes it very easy for you to blow through money like there’s no tomorrow. You can curtail some of this spending by setting a budget for yourself. It’s also a good idea to plan where you want to eat in advance so that you know approximately how much money you’ll be spending. It’s also advisable to wait until toward the end of the day to make souvenir purchases to help you focus on the ones that you really want.

Make Your FastPass+ Selections

When you purchase a ticket for Disney World, you’ll be given three FastPasses to use for the rides and attractions. These special passes will allow you to move to the front of the line with each of your selections. If you’ve made reservations at a Disney resort hotel, you’ll be able to make your selections up to 60 days in advance. Otherwise, you get to choose which your favorites 30 days in advance.

Pack Everything You’ll Need

This is more of a basic vacation tip rather than a Disney World guide tip, but it’s still worth mentioning. The big thing to remember is to pack accordingly based on the weather report. Florida’s summers, for instance, can get quite warm so feel free to bring tank tops, shorts, and plenty of sunscreens. However, if you do forget anything, Orlando has shops galore and so does Disney World.

Sign Up for a Private VIP Tour Experience

With your own Disney VIP tour guides to show you around and save you time is a great way to feel like royalty. With a Disney World VIP tour, you’ll reduce the time you spend in line, learn which rides are best for the FastPass+ program, discover new and delicious dining opportunities, easily locate your favorite characters, and other exciting conveniences.

Let World Class VIP Be Your Disney World Guide

The Disney World VIP tour offered by World Class VIP is the very best you can find. Your personal Disney World guide will assist you with skipping lines, making hotel reservations, locating your favorite Disney characters, discovering new places to eat, and more. Give us a call at (407) 270-3784 for a private VIP Disney tour quote.

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