How does Disney World prepare for Hurricane Season?

Get ready to get soaked during the hurricane season in Central Florida. Even if the months are getting wetter and the cast members are putting on their snazzy raincoats, Disney World hurricane season is still a blast! Of course, things in the theme park will change up a bit to accommodate the rainy weather, but you can be sure that the gates of the Magic Kingdom will remain open for you. Here are some of the things you can expect Disney to do during stormy days:

Things Will Get a Little Cozier Inside

When you see those ponchos magically appear in every corner of the park, then you can be sure that the rain is coming soon. While Disney World hurricane season can keep you huddled down for a while, it does not mean you cannot keep your spirits up. There are many things the Walt Disney Company provides while you wait out the rain.

While you are indoors in the Magic Kingdom, you get to see the cast members. They often flock inside when it begins to pour too! Take your picture with the classic Disney characters while they enchant you with their favorite rainy day stories.

Similarly, you can take the time to chow down on the tasty park snacks. One bite will surely take you down memory lane. If the rain is still falling when you’re finished, you can always take a fun detour and check out the indoor attractions you may not have seen yet.

Be Prepared For Some Attractions to Be Unavailable

Watch out! You may get wet. You have to keep in mind the possibility of some rides closing for your safety. When Disney World experiences a downpour, the Walt Disney Company will likely hold off on or modify some of the attractions. It can be a bit of a downer, but the Disney World hurricane season can be a little tricky to handle compared to a sunny day.

If a gust of wind takes you off your feet, or if lightning strikes twice nearby, then you should consider changing up the venues you are going to visit. As a rule of thumb for those rainy days, expect the live shows, plays, and parades to be different and shorter from their usual routine. The wet floor sign still applies – even in the Magic Kingdom.

On the bright side, some events are only available on rainy days! A unique event you can look for is the Rainy-Day Cavalcade. While it may not be as elaborate as some of the parade floats, the cavalcade at Magic Kingdom is something not everyone has seen. They will only appear during a rainy afternoon, so be sure to check them out!

Familiarize Yourself With Disney World Hurricane Season Frequently Asked Questions

For most people who have visited the Magic Kingdom, Disney World hurricane season can bring in a torrent of happy memories with friends and family. However, if you are thinking about having your first theme park visit with the Walt Disney Company, knowing the frequently asked questions about the Disney World hurricane season will be useful.

These questions mostly cover the conditions and responsibilities that the company will impose due to a hurricane. You need to review your bookings or accommodations during those rainy days to ensure that your experience will still be magical when you visit Disney. So be on the lookout for possible hurricane warnings issued by the National Hurricane Center or check out your local news to keep you and your loved ones up to date.

Get a VIP Disney Tour to Have a Smooth Trip In Spite of the Weather

Having insurance for your trip and being prepared for every situation can be difficult, even for those who did their research. Disney will provide you with the knowledge you need to remain comfortable and secure while you’re in the theme park.

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