Which Disney World restaurants should you try on your next adventure?!

Whenever people post about Disney World on social media, it’s typically pictures of them with their favorite characters, the various attractions, and maybe even the hotel room they’re staying in. However, there’s one more thing that people love to talk about every chance they get – the food at Disney World!

The Disney designers have worked tirelessly to nearly make breakfast, lunch, and dinner into an art form. There are specific meals available when you book Disney hotel reservations, but what we want to look at today are the Disney World restaurants that you just have to try in 2020.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table is like being royalty in a grand castle, and your kids will love it! There’s a wide variety of food selections, but the big highlight is getting to eat with a few beloved Disney princesses. You start off by meeting Cinderella, of course, and then you’ll be joined by other princesses such as Snow White, Ariel, and Aurora. Just be sure to book your reservations early, because as you can imagine, this one fills up quickly.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Many people are excited about this particular eatery that opens up in 2020 to join the family of incredible Disney World restaurants. Patrons will enjoy BBQ-style meals such as smoked chicken, sausage brisket, pork ribs, and more. There’s even a plant-based dish so that everyone has something to choose from. Another great thing about this restaurant is its overall patriotic appearance, which adds something special to the meal itself.

Garden Grill

If you’re looking for great food and great characters in a less grandiose restaurant than Cinderella’s Royal Table, head over to the Garden Grill. You’ll find a wide variety of food items available, including turkey breast, grilled beef, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, fresh rolls, garden salad, and more. A lot of people love this restaurant because it rotates and overlooks the Living with the Land attraction while others get excited about meeting Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Chip, and Dale.

Chef Mickey’s

Kids really seem to love Chef Mickey’s because it features a buffet-style breakfast, brunch, and dinner. Brunch is a favorite for many people because you can eat waffles (shaped like Mickey Mouse), eggs, bacon, pot roast, and even salmon all in one meal. Classic characters can be found here, too. Your kids will be delighted by watching Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy dancing to Disney music and signing autographs.


For those looking for one of the most unique dining experiences available at Disney World, this is definitely something that stands out in the crowd of Disney World restaurants. You’ll be immersed in a Japanese dining experience that is probably unlike anything you’ve enjoyed before. Not only is each dining room fashioned after a natural element and features handcrafted artwork, but you will enjoy dishes ranging from braised wagyu beef and roasted duck to maki sushi and yuzu cheesecake. For something extra special, there’s a 9-course meal available at the chef’s table in the water room.

Space 2020

Set to open very soon (if not before you read this), Space 2020 takes you on an outer space adventure while you enjoy a delicious meal chock full of fresh ingredients. Your adventure begins by getting on board a special space elevator located more than 200 miles above the planet surface to enjoy absolutely breathtaking views. Once the elevator gets near the Centauri Space Station, you’ll be escorted to your seats and your meal will begin.

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