Spanning a quarter of a mile long, the Disney Boardwalk is designed to look like a quaint Mid-Atlantic seaside village from the early 1900s. Its charm is reminiscent of Coney Island or Cape May.

This special gem in the Epcot resort area has tons of attractions. Restaurants, shopping, and other attractions await you at the Boardwalk, along with a thrilling nightlife.

Street Performances on the Boardwalk

After enjoying a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants, keep your eye out for street performers on the Disney Boardwalk. As you stroll along The Boardwalk marveling at the beautiful sights, you are bound to find multiple entertainers miming, doing magic tricks, or other comedic acts that will enthrall you and the kids.

The performers love interacting with visitors and provide an entertaining relief from the high-octane action of the day. Apart from the nightly entertainment, check out the fireworks displays at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Buzzing Nightlife at Jellyrolls

The popular spot, Jellyrolls, is the place to be for a boisterous night of live entertainment. Get lost in a night of dueling pianos and cocktails. The pianists go head-to-head on latest classics as well as requests from the cheering audience. The crowd participates in the battle by singing along during the night’s live shows, if you are up for it.

However, be aware that there is a cover charge to enter the venue. Also, this entertainment joint is not suitable to visit with children.

Dance at the Atlantic Dance Hall

After a busy day of exploring Disney World, it’s time to loosen up at the Atlantic Dance Hall. This Disney Boardwalk venue is the place to be for a variety of dance tunes, from the 80s to the latest hits. On some nights, DJs keep the crowd dancing amidst music videos projected on the walls.

The Atlantic Hall usually opens from 9 pm to 2 am every Tuesday through Saturday. There is no cover charge for the venue, so you might want to stop by to see if the vibe matches your expectations. The Atlantic Hall is just ten steps ways from the always-lively Jellyrolls.

Without a doubt, The Disney Boardwalk is one of the hidden gems at Disney World that many visitors are not aware of. Want to experience the thrills of The Boardwalk during your visit to Disney? Get in touch with us today!

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