What are some Epcot attractions we recommend you try?!

Epcot has so much to see and do, it’s tough to see everything in one day. So, how do you make sure you’re getting the best experience possible? (Aside from booking with World Class VIP, of course).

We’ve put together a list of six Epcot attractions that no tour should be without! It’s got something for everyone, from the slow-paced and educational, to the Test Track in the fast lane, and everything in-between.

Our favorite Epcot attractions!

1.    Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is a must-see for any trip to Epcot. The iconic, silver globe has been a symbol of the theme park since its opening, and it fascinates the young and old alike. The ride uses brilliant animatronic displays, screen projections, and tiny, twinkling lights to tell the story of mankind and highlight technological achievements throughout the years.

You’ll start off in the underbelly of the dome, and will walk through a futuristic, spaceport-themed queue. Once aboard, the ride vehicle serves as your time machine as you listen to the narrator list off various achievements of mankind throughout history.

Here, you will watch the dawn of man firsthand, see renditions of cave paintings, and watch the Egyptians as they work with papyrus. Then, you will be taken on a tour of ancient Greece and Rome, watching the lifelike, animatronic mentors give speeches to their pupils.

Next, the vehicle will whisk you off to the Middle East, as scholars salvaged the books from the library in Alexandria and then continued building on what others had done before. Eventually, you will be taken to Europe, where you will see Renaissance paintings and the early printing press.

The ride then moves on to include various technological advances in America, where you will see the first telegraph, the radio, and the first time that man sets foot on the moon! There’s no doubt that Spaceship Earth is a fantastic way to kick-start your time in the theme park.

2.   The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion

This is a must-see Epcot attraction, because it houses a ride and an aquarium all in one building! What’s not to love?

The entrance of the building is decked out with a pond, all kinds of decorative shrubbery, and pictures of Nemo and friends on the front! As you enter, you find yourself wandering through a winding pathway, past sand dunes, and through a rocky arch. Eventually, you enter a room that looks like it’s underwater, with blue, swirling light patterns on the floor!

Next, you’ll come to the area which houses the ride itself. Hop in your “clamobile” and depart on an undersea adventure with all the characters you know and love. Watch Nemo leave home on his first day of school, see Dory and Nemo’s dad start searching, and even say hello to Bruce as he searches for Nemo, too!

Next, you’ll spend some time hanging out in the current with Crush and the sea turtles as you make your way through the ocean. You’ll swim through bubbles, travel through the sea of jellyfish, and finally make your way to Nemo at the end.

Then, when the ride is over, you’ll find yourself in the middle of an aquarium! Downstairs, you can find Crush’s sea turtle talk, the manatees, and other ocean creatures. Upstairs, you’ll find everything from sharks to dolphins, and everything in-between! Not everybody will be able to say that they went to an aquarium and Disney all in one day.

3.   Living With The Land

One of the more relaxing Epcot attractions is Living With The Land. If you’ve been on your feet for a while, take a load off and check out Epcot’s greenhouse complex. This 20 minute boat ride will take you on a journey throughout various ecosystems, highlighting the need to bring more sustainable means of farming to the world.

Here, you can watch as your surroundings go from a stormy, tropical night to a rainforest – complete with a waterfall and monkeys! The narrator highlights bits and pieces of the ecosystem and then contrasts the rainforest with the dry, arid desert, and its own ecosystem.

Eventually, you will emerge from the dark, indoor environment to find yourself sailing through the middle of a greenhouse! The narrator highlights the fact that we’re all interconnected; and as such, we must try to find more sustainable methods of food production.

Signs label various plants, and the narrator explains that the Walt Disney Company is conducting agricultural research in that very place! Who knows? You might even get to see a few scientists in their natural habitat.

4.   Soarin’ Around the World

One of the most popular Epcot attractions is Soarin’ Around the World. It uses an advanced mechanical system to lift your chair high into the air, and make you feel like you’re hang-gliding! It utilizes a giant, 80-foot Imax dome that surrounds your chair in a full 180 degrees, and uses fans and various scents to make the experience realistic. You’ll really feel like you’re soaring above the clouds!

After a quick safety video, you’ll strap yourself in and lift high into the air! Clouds surround you as you make your way through the Swiss Alps and the Arctic! You’ll be able to see the polar bears and seals beneath you and feel the wind in your hair as you continue on to warmer climates, like the Sydney Harbor in Australia and the African savannah. The camera briefly lingers on the elephants below, before soaring right over the Great Wall of China!

Next, you’ll dip into Egypt and see the detail of the pyramids up-close. You’ll swoop into India and fly over the Taj Mahal with its beautiful reflection pools. You will also soar over the majestic Victoria Falls, and take in a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower as it sparkles at night.

More places and features await as you journey through the air, including a surprise visit from one of the characters in Disney’s repertoire. It’s definitely a ride you won’t want to miss!

5.    The Test Track

Have you ever wanted to drive a racecar and go speeding around a track? Now you can! The Test Track is a high-speed ride that simulates a test run for racecars!

It’s the second-fastest ride in Disney World, and is part-indoors and part-outdoors! Do you have what it takes to come in first?

The experience begins with a computer, where you’ll design your concept car and add different features to it. Then, you’ll be able to ride your creation on the Test Track!

When you enter your car, you’ll be in the indoor portion first. Be prepared to enter a world similar to that of Tron, with dark rooms and an array of colorful, neon lights. Hang on to your hats as you have your car tested in inclement weather and bumpy terrain!

Then, you’re off – flying around the Test Track at speeds of 65+ mph! This is definitely an Epcot attraction you won’t want to miss. If you’re thinking that you already drive on a speedway during your morning commute, we guarantee that the Test Track will blow that right out of the water!

6.   Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After is a fantastic musical boat ride that takes you through the world of Anna, Elsa, and friends. The queue is themed as the Arendelle castle, with many little shops, trinkets, and lanterns to take in.

Finally, when you board your Viking-style boat, you will take off through a cave into the winter wonderland of Norway. Willow branches hang down in crystalline beauty, as Olaf meets you and sings a brief rendition of “Do you want to build a snowman”.

Throughout your journey, you will be treated to a glimpse of the trolls hearing the story of Elsa’s bravery, and see Anna and Christoff singing “For the First Time in Forever”.

The pinnacle of the boat ride is yet to come, as the boat passes through castle doors to meet Elsa singing a brief, heartfelt rendition of “Let it Go”. Suddenly, the boat is timed to the music and flies backwards, as special effects abound on the walls around you. Soon you will pass by the abominable snowman, and say hello to Anna, Elsa, and Olaf singing about the summertime.

Your children will love the songs and the incredible immersion into the world of Frozen. And the best part for the parents? Let it go is followed by a few more songs at the end of the ride, so your child won’t be singing it over and over for the rest of the day!

Exciting Epcot Attractions, and So Much More!

Epcot is a theme park that’s based on world innovation. It celebrates the past achievements of mankind, and sparks the imagination for the future. If you want to treat your family to this one-of-a-kind experience, book a Disney VIP tour with World Class VIP today! Dial (407) 810-9500 for a free quote!

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