There is always some sort of party happening at Epcot Center and the fall season is no different. This fall, come to Epcot to enjoy the International Food and Wine Festival and a private Epcot tour!

Another exciting bit about the fall time at Disney is that this time of year is one of the slower times. It is an excellent time for the whole family to come and check out Disney with a private Epcot tour. Here are some reasons why a private Epcot tour is perfect for making the most out of the International Food and Wine Festival.

Reservations and Tickets

When you take a private Epcot tour with World Class VIP all of your reservations and tickets will be planned and purchased ahead of time.

The International Food and Wine Festival includes a lot of additionally ticketed events. Many of these events are scheduled throughout the time that the festival happens and when you plan out your visit, World Class VIP will go over all of your choices to be sure that you can get in everything that you want to do. By making reservations and purchasing tickets ahead of time World Class VIP makes sure that you get the reservation times that you want, and the best seats in the house for additionally ticketed shows and events.

Knowledgeable Guides

Your private Epcot tour guide will know what is going on at Epcot on the days that you visit. In the morning they can go over any additional events that you may be interested in and fit them into your schedule, or organize ticket purchases and reservations as needed.

Having someone like this in your party is absolutely invaluable when there is so much going on in the park. Epcot is a menagerie of the world, when park-wide festivals are going on it is easy to get lost and miss things that you wish you could see. Take a private Epcot tour this fall, and you won’t regret a thing.

Contact World Class VIP today to book your private Epcot tour for this fall! We look forward to helping you plan your exciting Disney adventure.

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