Are you ready for Fast and Furious Supercharged?!

Looking for a jam-packed adventure to have the time of your life? Universal Studios has long been known for its thematic rides, with many of them taking inspiration from popular movies. The theme park does not hold back and makes sure to give visitors some of the most thrilling and exciting rides. If you are looking for some action that will get your heart racing, the park will definitely satiate your needs, delivering an immersive experience while tagging along with your favorite characters.

While there are tons of rides to choose from in Universal Studios, the Fast and Furious Supercharged is perhaps one of the most popular among visitors. Based on the hit media franchise starring Vin Diesel and other famous actors, this ride is exactly as its name suggests: fast and furious. With the word supercharged at the end, you just know that there is more to the ride than your regular roller coaster.

If you enjoy a thrilling and exciting experience, make sure to include the Fast and Furious Supercharged in your list of rides to try out. Curious about how the ride works and what to expect? Read on to learn more about it, and you may just be convinced to experience the ride at Universal Studios!

Get a Glimpse of the Fast and Furious Supercharged

Fans of the bestselling action film series will enjoy the detail and attention put into creating this attraction. You begin by entering Dom’s Dodge Charger, a nondescript garage that replicates the Fast and Furious family’s warehouse headquarters. The venue in itself is so immersive, especially with all the props and vehicles that take you back to the movie scenes.

As a fun fact, the supercharged vehicles and artifacts on display were either real props from the movie or made with the help of Dennis McCarthy, who designed the vehicles in the movies.

Visitors are then greeted by a live actor who tells them more about the garage and explains the storyline. In the Universal Studios ride, Tej Parker brings you along in an exciting ride as you speed off and chase away the FBI and Owen Shaw, one of the primary antagonists in the film. The Universal Studios Hollywood ride follows a similar storyline, where Shaw is out to get revenge on Dominic Toretto, leading to an intense chase in an underground parking lot.

Moving on to the actual ride, the Fast and Furious Supercharged is a simulator ride, where you hop on a tram to mimic a chase scene like in the movies. The ride vehicle is designed to move at 100mph down a San Francisco highway, and as it moves, you get immersed in a flurry of visual action, sensory enhancement, sound effects, and other effects to make the experience feel real.

The ride is essentially similar to Skull Island: Reign of Kong, where you sit on a large bus and go through several rooms to replicate the chase scene in the storyline. The vehicle starts moving slowly before you start to get the illusion that it is speeding up. Each room offers a 360-degree experience that makes you feel like you are truly riding with the characters. If you are a major film fan, you may want to go on the ride more than once to grasp the scenes more accurately since it can be difficult to see what is happening on all sides at a time.

Try Out the Virtual Line System

The Fast and Furious Supercharged ride in Florida is the second to use the park’s Virtual Line System. With this, you can skip the lines and reserve a time using the official Universal Orlando Resort mobile app or any of the kiosks near the park entrance. At your chosen time, you will be granted entrance to the attraction building, but you will still have to go through the queue to accommodate the reservations before you.

To make the ride even more exciting, you can use the official mobile app for a special experience. As you go through the attraction, you get to see iconic locations and scenes from the film. While this is happening, keep an eye out on your phone as Mia Toretto and her team will send you text messages about your mission. Furthermore, you can compete in various trivia games and show your knowledge about the films to get your name displayed on the leaderboard.

You do not necessarily need to use the Virtual Line System to board the Fast and Furious Supercharged ride. However, doing so will certainly be convenient and helpful, so you can make sure that you get a slot in the tram.

Bring Home Some Souvenir Merchandise

Once you get off the ride, you can cap off your experience by getting some souvenirs from the custom gear shop. The store offers a wide selection of film merchandise, including car decals and accessories and apparel. A souvenir is a perfect way to conclude the experience, and where else would you be able to find authentic merchandise if not from the official gift store?

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