Florida Vacations are Fun with Star Wars

Florida vacations are best when they are spent at Disney. There are several parks where everyone can have the time of their lives. You get to meet all of your favorite Disney characters, experience thrills, relive your favorite childhood memories, and take pieces of it back home with you to remember and share. Spending Florida vacations at Disney are the best thing that you can do for your family vacation.

Special Themed Ideas for your Florida Vacations

To prepare for themed visits to Disney during your Florida vacations, pick a few movies to watch that you know have attractions. Watch princess movies, Star Wars, or the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Series. Once you have a few films under your belt, decide what you will be doing at the parks on different days.

The Royal Treatment

There are tons of princely and princessly activities to be found at Magic Kingdom. The children can wear their royal outfits while they explore the park. You can schedule a makeover for your little royal one. Makeovers are done by fairy godmothers in training. After the makeover (and maybe a new crown or tiara) take them over to the princess brunch for an engagement with royalty they know so well from their favorite Disney movies. They will never forget the experience.

Meet the Original Disney Characters

Some people like to go to Disney to meet Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey, or Minnie on their Florida vacations. On these days wear a Goofy hat and get autographs of as many of that character you can find while going around the park on one of your Florida vacations. These visits are fun because it creates an added challenge to simply seeing the park, especially great for people that take a lot of Florida vacations or live there.

Star Wars

Pretty soon Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be opening for you to enjoy during your Florida vacations. Mom, go ahead and dress up as Princess Leia for this one! The family will have so much fun walking around as characters enjoying the new rides. This one will likely be super busy when it opens, so be sure to book events and reservations far ahead of the grand opening.

A lot of the time to do these specially themed visits, people will book a private Disney World tour. Booking a private tour gets you through the crowds faster. All of your tickets and reservations will be taken care of by your private tour guide so that there are not any issues when it comes time to dine or to watch the show. Taking a guided tour leaves you in the hands of a park pro. If you want to do all of the royal things in the park, they will know exactly where to go. They will program you FastPasses to get you through the lines faster and be able to navigate the grand opening of the Star Wars area with ease.

World Class VIP has the most professional private tour guides that provide the best VIP tours of Disney parks in Orlando. Our guides can help program Fastpasses, reserve the best seats for shows, and even schedule dining reservations.

We can’t wait to help you plan the most memorable Florida vacation ever!