Florida Vacations - Kids Racing at Speedway

Orlando, Florida is one of the most entertaining places on Earth. There are theme parks that will thrill everyone in your family. Florida vacations offer fun to Mickey Mouse lovers, movie lovers, Lego fans, and animal enthusiasts. When vacationing in Florida, you can rest assured that there is something for everyone, and there are always special events no matter what season you visit.

Magic Kingdom

Many people spend their Florida vacations at the Magic Kingdom alone. The park is very large and has all of your favorite Disney characters and memories. There are rides for people that like roller coasters and speed. There are tamer rides like “It’s a Small World” for those that like to take in the sights.


Epcot is also one of the more popular parks for Florida vacations. At this park you can take a tour of the World, all in one day. Each country area has authentic foods and drinks. They also have authentic entertainment, such as dancers and shows to enjoy. There are rides there as well, but for the most part, this park is about taking in the sights and experiencing a small piece of cultures from around the world.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is becoming an increasingly popular vacation destination. They recently added section of the park devoted to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and it has attracted many more park visitors since. There are also areas and rides in various movie themes, such as Water World, Despicable Me, King Kong, and Transformers.


People with small children and Lego lovers often take vacations to Legoland. The place is just amazing, they have great deals for the kids. Pretty much everything is made out of Lego bricks. Most of the park is designed for younger children under the age of 12, but anyone can have a great time there as every attraction is family friendly.


Seaworld is another popular destination for Florida vacations. At Seaworld, you have a great mixture of wildlife and other entertainment. Seaworld offers everything from dolphin shows to fast rapid water rides. There is even a place to dine with sharks! Seaworld makes the best Florida vacations for families with animal lovers.

Florida Vacations - Ferris Wheel at NightMost Florida vacations are short on one thing, that being time. With so much to do in Florida, it is hard to please everyone in the group. There are ways to get around the time crunch problem and see everything that you want while on one of your Florida vacations; take a private VIP tour. A private VIP tour with World Class VIP will get you through the parks like a pro. Your private Disney tour guide knows each park very well. They can reserve show tickets and dining reservations ahead of time so that you get front seats and the dining times that you want. Your tour guide will even program your Fastpasses! Taking a tour with World Class VIP will also help you to avoid waiting in line at most of the parks.

Working with World Class VIP for your Florida vacations makes them stress-free. You will feel like royalty being guided around each park. Most families are able to see everything that they want at one park a tour with time for additional attractions.

If you are ready to book a private VIP tour for your next visit to Florida or to learn more about World Class VIP contact us or call (407) 270-3784. We can’t wait to help you plan your next Florida vacation!

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