Why Hire a VIP Tour Guide in Disney World?

With everything that has happened in 2020, a vacation sounds like the perfect way to relax and get rid of the stress. If this is on your mind, what better place to visit than Disney World? The theme park undoubtedly delivers great experiences to all its guests, so you want to make sure to look into everything they have to offer.

Regardless of your plans, it is always a good idea to hire a VIP tour guide for your trip. VIP tours can be customized to match your desired stops to create the perfect itinerary. Still not sure about whether it’s worth paying for Disney VIP tours? Check out these 10 reasons to hire a VIP Tour Guide for Disney World Vacations:

Maximize Time

One of the top reasons people hire a VIP tour guide is getting the full Disney experience, even if they have limited time. With so many possible attractions to visit and so little time, it can be hard to do everything you want. VIP tour guides can solve this problem by helping you create an efficient itinerary that allows you to check all the boxes on your bucket list.

Skip Lines

Another major benefit to getting a Disney VIP tour is that you get to skip the lines! Since your tour guide allows you to use the FastPass lane, you’ll be able to maximize your time. And you can get rid of any worries about how long you need to wait in line.

Learn More About Disney World

As you go through Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and any other Disney park, your tour guide will keep you in the loop with all of the extra tidbits that they know. Expert guides know the ins and outs of each of the parks, so they can give you tips, tricks, fun facts, trivia, and even insider information that others don’t know about. If you think you know everything about Disney, wait until you hear what your guide has to say.

Get Rid of the Hassle

Planning for a Disney trip is often stressful and time-consuming. Each of the Disney parks has countless attractions, so it can be overwhelming to organize your schedule. By booking a Disney world tour, you can get rid of the hassle and allow someone else to take over the decision-making process. No more worrying about where to go next—allow your tour guide to do the work, so you can sit back and enjoy your time!

Split with a Group

People tend to shy away from hiring guides because of the price, but one of the great things about this is you get to bring a group with you. Most tours allow you to have a certain number of people for one VIP tour guide, so you can split the fees evenly and explore Disney World with them. After all, visiting the park with friends and family can elevate the experience even further!

Have Extra Company

Have you ever experienced those moments when you needed an extra person to take pictures, or to grab a quick snack for your child? With a tour guide, you will have someone there to lend an extra hand. There will be no need to stress about the details anymore, since your guide will be there to help you out whenever possible. Having more company when in Disney is always a good idea.

Get the VIP Experience

When you hire a VIP tour guide, you can expect to get exactly what the name suggests— a VIP experience. Aside from the wonderful stories you get to hear about, you will also have a guaranteed smooth time while exploring the park. For show and restaurant reservations, you can expect to get convenient seats. Your guide will even be happy to pick you up from your hotel to bring you to the parks.

Visit More Parks

While planning your itinerary, the thought of going from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom in one day can sound exhausting. However, with a VIP guide, you will be surprised to see how much you can visit in a single day. From being able to skip lines, to having an efficient plan in place, you can certainly be a park-hopper.

Customize Your Tour

If you have specific destinations in mind, feel free to let your tour guide know. As the guest, you have the liberty to customize your tour such that you can visit all the places you want to and hop onto your favorite rides.

Book a Disney VIP Tour Today

Make your next Disney World trip memorable and hire a VIP tour guide today to experience a vacation like no other. At World Class VIP, our guided tours are led by experts who are trained and knowledgeable about all the parks, so you know that you’re in good hands. Contact us today at (407) 270-2519 to book a VIP tour for your visit!

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