The Benefits of a Disney FastPass

As more and more people flock to Disney parks for fun on their vacations, more people are becoming interested in the Fastpass program. The Disney FastPass service is a great way to get on the rides that you want to quickly, but there is some finesse when it comes to using it to the best of your advantage.

Unlike most theme parks, Disney FastPass is free. If you are not staying on Disney property, you can make your Disney FastPass selections 30 days in advance, and if you are staying on property, you can make them 60 days in advance.

For each Disney theme park ticket purchased, the ticket holder has the option to utilize the Disney FastPass service for three of their favorite attractions for that day. To do this, after you have purchased tickets, download the Disney FastPass app, link your ticket purchases, and you can get started choosing the lines you would like to bypass. Once you used your selections in the park, you can visit a FastPass kiosk or use the mobile app to make new selections for the same day.

What Else Can Disney FastPasses Do?

Disney FastPasses work for more than just rides; you can use them for shows and character meet and greets. One tip here is that if you do not use all of your Disney FastPass selections you cannot book new Disney FastPass choices that same day. For example, you choose to get good seats at a night show a month in advance. You get to the park, use your other two Disney FastPass choices on rides and want to schedule more rides; you will be unable to since the seats for the show are sitting in your cue. So, if you really want the best view to that nighttime show, then arrive early and use your FastPasses for other things.

The whole idea is that everyone gets a fair shot at skipping the lines to their favorite attractions if you can navigate the system well. This is where an experienced professional comes in quite handy. No one knows the Disney FastPass system better than people that work with it every day.

If you are in a Disney park and used up your Disney FastPass choices, you can acquire more for additional rides if they are available. Working with offsite Private Disney World Tours will give you the advantage that most park goers do not have. Sure, you may want to stand in line to see all the cool stuff on the way to the ride, but that’s not fun more than once.

Contact World Class VIP Today to Book Your Private VIP Tour

When you work with World Class VIP tours your tickets and first FastPass choices will be made ahead of time after discussing what it is your family would like to see. Your tour guide will take care of reprogramming Disney FastPass choices and make you aware of choices that may not be available for that day.

Overall the Disney FastPass service is a great for park goers, but it’s complicated nature makes it hard to use it to its fullest extent unless you are very familiar with it. Leave it to the park professionals and start scheduling your Disney vacation with World Class VIP tours today! We will also help you book and schedule Disney Hotel Reservations.