10 of the best Magic Kingdom hacks for you!

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in the world, and the theme park industry is no exception. In fact, social distancing requirements have changed the way these parks operate as they were once packed with large crowds of people.

During the peak seasons, Disney World would be overflowing with guests as individuals and families make the most out of their holidays. Today, however, things are different for the famous park that is often called the happiest place on Earth.

Disney World had to temporarily close down early last year after lockdowns and quarantines were made. However, in the latter part of the year, the park reopened, welcoming guests into Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom once again. However, changes have been made to the park opening hours and rules on purchasing tickets. Thus, it is important to learn about these before you plan any upcoming trips.

While all of Disney’s parks have their unique charm, Magic Kingdom is the perfect place to start your trip. As its name suggests, it allows you to experience the magic of Walt Disney World and get into the Disney spirit to make your entire trip fun and exciting. Thus, if you plan to visit anytime soon, check out these 10 Magic Kingdom hacks to help you have the best time at the park.

Magic Kingdom Hacks to Get the VIP Experience

Being strategic with your itinerary and plans can make a huge difference when visiting Disney, so these Magic Kingdom hacks can make your trip more seamless, smooth, and enjoyable.

Use the My Disney Experience app

You may have heard about the My Disney Experience app, but chances are, you have only used it a few times or never. If so, now is the perfect time to use it to your advantage! With so many changes happening because of the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, Disney World is constantly implementing new policies. Having the app is extremely handy as you get all the latest updates and announcements from your phone.

Additionally, the My Disney Experience app can also be used to build your itinerary to create the perfect vacation. After signing up, you can use the “My Plans” feature to input park reservations, hotel rooms, restaurant openings, and other bookings to keep track of your plans. The app also tells you waiting times for rides, provides a Resort calendar for easy viewing, and even stores PhotoPass photos that you get taken during your trip.

Ultimately, Disney’s app is perhaps one of the most overlooked Magic Kingdom hacks as you can virtually do everything with it. Make sure to use it to its full extent the next time you go to Disney World as it can save you plenty of time and effort.

Wear a Face Covering

As part of Disney’s safety and health protocols, all guests aged two and up are required to wear a face covering to enter any park. Any time you are in public, you will have to keep your mask on, unless you are eating or swimming. Cast members are also present to remind guests about the rule, so do not forget to bring your face covering to avoid any issues at the entrance.

Walk Through the Gift Shops

With Magic Kingdom being such a popular stop in Disney World, the park is still expected to fill up capacity despite having a smaller cap to avoid congestion. To avoid going through the crowds along Main Street USA, you can walk through the gift shops to breeze through the long street and exit right at the Space Mountain area. This saves you time and increases your chances of getting on the ride earlier than others!

Keep Watch of the Disney Dining Website

If you were not able to make an advanced dining reservation before your trip, you still have a chance to get that booking you missed out on. Keep watch of the Disney Dining website to see if slots open up throughout the day. Guests may cancel in the middle of the day due to credit card concerns, so you always have a chance to get your reservation.

Magic Kingdom has several dining options to keep you filled, but some of the most popular restaurants include Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table. These are sure to give you an elevated and immersive dining experience with some of your childhood favorite characters, so try having a meal in any of these places at least once.

Take Breaks

It is normal to feel overwhelmed going through the Disney parks, but most of the time, people get so engrossed that the only thing they think about is getting to the next ride. Doing this can get you tired easily and quickly, so allow yourself to take breaks throughout the day. Stroll around the theme park or try out some food in a nearby food stall–appreciate your surroundings to really enjoy the beauty around you.

Visit Disney World in 2021

This tip may initially sound weird but visiting Disney World in 2021 is certainly a hack because the iconic park turns 50 this year. To celebrate the occasion, Disney will begin the festivities on October 1, and these will continue for 18 months. Technically, you can still join in the fun throughout 2022, so try to see if you can schedule your trip around this time to be part of the once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Plan Your Trip Beforehand

You do not necessarily have to plan out every single part of your trip from start to finish. However, without a general plan or itinerary in mind, you might try to do anything and everything you can to make the most out of your time in Magic Kingdom. While there is nothing wrong with maximizing your time, trying to do everything may only leave you tired and worn out.

Ideally, it would be best to have at least two days for the park, so you can truly take in all the attractions and go through each of them. However, if you are short on time, you can list down your top priorities to ensure you can make time for them. Booking a Disney VIP tour will also be helpful in these cases as you can work with a tour guide to plan out your trip.

Set a Meeting Place

When visiting Disney with friends or family, you can easily get lost among the crowd. Thus, one of the most useful Magic Kingdom hacks for groups would be to set a meeting place in case you all get separated.

While the park has Wi-Fi and you have your cellphones to contact each other, you never know when the signal may be bad and technology fails. It is always best to have a back-up plan, so make sure you talk this through with your group before you all explore on your own.

Arrive Early

While this may seem intuitive and not so much a hack, it is still worth mentioning that arriving early can help you avoid long lines in rides and give you more time to explore the park. Currently, Disney World is only operating at a limited capacity, so you need not worry about any of the parks getting too crowded. However, there are still many benefits to arriving early.

Whether your first stop will be breakfast, the gift shops, or straight to the rides, you can beat the crowd by getting there early. Take advantage of those times when the park is not yet filled to capacity, so you can fit in more activities within your day. There can never be too much time with Disney, so even if you start as early as opening hours, you will still have several activities to do.

Shop Later

The moment you step into Magic Kingdom, it can be tempting to head over to Emporium to shop for your souvenirs. If you are staying in a Walt Disney World resort, this should not be a problem as you can have your purchases delivered straight to your hotel room.

However, if you are staying elsewhere, it will be a hassle to carry bags around while walking through the park. Thus, make sure to shop during the latter part of your trip when you have already gone through most of the attractions you wanted to visit. Shopping can also take up your time, so you want to make sure you do not end up sacrificing time to tour the theme park.

Reserve a Disney World Tour with World Class VIP for Convenience

Using any or all of the hacks mentioned above can surely make things easier for you once you get to Disney World. However, if you do not have the time to think of how you should spend your day or generally prefer to have a guided tour, a Disney World VIP tour will be perfect.

Contact World Class VIP today at (407) 270-2519 to learn more about our tour packages in Magic Kingdom and Disney World as a whole. We can customize your itinerary to fit in your desired rides, attractions, and activities–all without the hassle involved in planning a vacation!

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