How to manage meet and greets at Disney World.

Disney World is full of exciting rides and attractions, but the experience just wouldn’t be the same without the many characters that you can find throughout the park. In fact, some of the best memories that both adults and children have during their vacation include the variety of character meet and greets.

For a lot of guests, missing out on a photo opportunity with a favorite character can be just as disappointing as missing their favorite ride. To keep that from happening, we’ve compiled a few tips that will improve the chances of your meet and greets at Disney World being a complete success.

Make a List of Characters You’d Like to See

Disney has created hundreds, if not thousands, of memorable characters throughout its long history. The most popular characters can typically be found at several meet and greets at Disney World. Whether you’re searching for a classic character like Mickey Mouse, a Disney princess like Jasmine, or even Mike and Sully from Pixar. The first thing you should do is make a list of the characters that you would like to see so that you can make a game plan from the very beginning.

Check the Character Greeting Times

There are a variety of ways that you can discover the times of meet and greets at Disney World, which are subject to change, of course. There is a printed guide map for each park, some of which will include specific meeting times. You can even download these from the Disney website. Plus, you can check with guest services, ask resort personnel, or refer to a private tour guide to get pointed in the right direction.

Obtain the Help of a VIP Tour Guide

If you want to take full advantage of meet and greets at Disney World, you should definitely consider signing up for a private Disney VIP tour. Once you provide details on what you would like to see and experience in the park, including any character meet and greets, Disney VIP tour guides will help you plan an itinerary, skip long lines, discover eating locations, make Disney hotel reservations, and much more. They also stay aware of meet and greets at Disney World, so let them know which characters you would like to see and they can make that a part of your itinerary.

Make a Reservation for Character Dining

If you have a particular character that you would like to see, you should definitely consider signing up for Character Dining. This option is available at several different restaurants and dining locations such as Chef Mickey’s, Cinderella’s Royal Table, the Crystal Palace, and many more. There are even resorts that offer Character Dining, so be sure to inquire when making your Disney hotel reservations.

Always Have Your Camera or Phone Ready

Meet and greets at Disney World are possible throughout the park, which means that it’s important that you’re always ready. Very often, there will be a few people waiting in line to have their photo taken, so if you already have your camera or phone set to take pictures at the simple touch of a button, then you will help other guests have the same photo opportunity.

Let World Glass Help You with Meet and Greets at Disney World

With the help of World Class VIP, you’ll be given the opportunity to experience a variety of meet and greets at Disney World. Our expert tour guides will help direct you to your favorite characters, assist you with hotel reservations, find you the best dining locations, and more. If you would like to learn more about our services or need a private VIP Disney tour quote, give us a call at (407) 810-9500.

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