Are you planning for a Disney World vacation? You are about to make wondrous memories at this magical place. Have you packed everything that your family needs especially for the little ones? You’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for this day of adventure. You also want to know about Florida weather to prepare accordingly. Failure to pack properly can turn this day of fun into a day filled will stress.

Here are just some of the essentials you need when packing for Disney.


Thankfully, Disney Walt World allows outside food. So, pick your favorite snacks on your way to Disney or order online. Don’t forget fresh fruits, water, trail mix, lollipops, crackers, or granola bars when packing for Disney etc.


Chances of rain falling in Orlando are quite high particularly in the months of May through October. You need some rain jackets which you can throw on if it rains at the parks. Since ponchos are extremely light, packing for Disney becomes easier.

Battery-powered fan

Disney World may be captivating but the heat in Florida is not. The temperatures and humidity get too high at times, making you feel like you are breathing through a damp pullover. A battery powered fan will be a lifesaver as you stand in line at the Animal Kingdom. Include it in your list when packing for Disney.


Messes are bound to happen during your day at Disney. You will need wipes to clean sticky hands after snacking or just to refresh hands. Find different sizes of wipes for you and your kids.

Chargers, power bank, and rechargeable batteries

Packing for Disney would be incomplete without a phone, camera, and similar accessories. You will be taking family photos at the springs and resorts. Rechargeable batteries will have you covered when your phone runs out of power in the middle of a snapshot session. If you don’t mind a little extra weight, bring a large power bank that can be shared between several people.

Stroller for your baby

This is a must-have accessory when packing for Disney if your child is 5 years or below. Ensure that the stroller has a cover to shield your little one from a downpour. During summer, we recommend a stroller fan to keep your baby cool.

Refillable water bottles

During your tour, you’ll get free water. However, it’s given in a flimsy cup which your kids might find difficult to handle and could soak their clothes. Consider reusable water bottles while packing for Disney. Staying hydrated in an active environment is extremely important.

A pair of walking shoes

A typical day at Disney World involves at least 5 miles of walking. When packing for Disney, do your feet a favor and include a pair of good walking sneakers or supportive sandals. Otherwise, you will feel miserable after a vacation in the mystical world.

Park tickets

The MagicBand system at Disney fails sometimes. It is a good idea to have physical tickets to justify your entry into the park. The tickets also show any discounts for your Disney hotel reservations. If your MagicBand doesn’t work as it should, you will still be in a position to access your rooms or acquire another MagicBand.

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