Why you should experience Pandora before seeing Avatar: The Way of Water.

More than a decade after the events that brought the Na’vi people to the big screen, a new film titled Avatar: The Way of the Water has finally been released! Jake and Neytiri are back, and this time they have a family and face all new adventures and dangers. The world of Pandora is beautiful, mystical, and full of wonder. Pandora at Disney World offers an opportunity to dive into their world and see for yourself the amazing visual effects that dazzled us in the original Avatar film.

Whether you have never seen the original Avatar or need to reacquaint yourself with the wonders of Pandora before seeing Avatar: The Way of the Water, consider a Disney VIP tour. Walk through the world of Pandora just like Jake, Neytiri, and the other Na’vi people and get a firsthand experience of what life would be like through the Pandora attraction.

See the breathtaking views of the forest and connect with the spirits.

The Original Avatar

Pandora is an alien world inhabited by the Na’vi. The Na’vi are humanoid natives that are spiritually connected to the forest and all the creatures there. Humans are drawn to the distant world because of its rich natural resources.

A team of scientists, which the Na’vi call “Sky People,”  attempt negotiations by learning their language and interacting with the Na’vi clan, Omaticaya, in an avatar that resembles the Na’vi. The avatar is controlled by the human for whom it was grown through mental processes.

Jake, a paraplegic Marine, agrees to continue the work of his twin brother, who passed away. As he becomes a part of the Omaticaya society, he learns their ways and falls in love with Neytiri, the daughter of the clan leader, who teaches him. Jake stumbles and blunders quite a bit at first, but quickly learns to be part of the people.

Overanxious investors in the mining project to harvest the resources will lead to the inevitable clash between scientific advancement and natives preserving their home. The clash explodes into an epic battle between humans and Omaticaya. Jake finds himself abandoning his original mission and fighting for his new people and the woman he loves.

Fans fell in love with the box office record breaking original Avatar and have anxiously awaited its sequels. With many starts and stops along the journey to film and release the Avatar sequel, 20th Century Studios is finally giving the fans what they have been craving.

The Cast

The film brings back many of the characters from the original Avatar. Jake, played by Sam Worthington, and Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana, come together as parents raising their children with traditional Na’vi values.

At the end of the original Avatar, Jake makes the decision to stay in his avatar permanently to be with the beautiful daughter of the clan chief and spiritual leader. Neytiri, who falls in love with Jake, resisted her parents’ orders to teach Jake their ways and help him become more like them instead of like the “Sky People”, but she too fell in love and chose him.

Joel David Moore and CCH Pounder (Carol Christine Hilaria) return in the sequel as well. Moore’s character, Dr. Norm Spellman, studied the Na’vi and was on the original mission to make negotiations with them. Pounder’s character, Mo’at, is Neytiri’s mother and the spiritual leader of the clan.

We do not see children in the original Avatar, but we are introduced to them in the sequel.

We even see some fallen characters like Colonel Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang, return. He appeared to die at the end of the first Avatar, but perhaps not!

Sigourney Weaver is back. Weaver comes back as a different character, as her original character (spoiler alert) did die, even though the Na’vi people tried to save her through their mystical healing spirits.

Maybe that explains the miraculous return of Colonel Miles Quaritch, but probably not, seeing as he was and will continue to be the main villain in this and the other Avatar sequels. Weaver plays the adopted daughter of Jake and Neytiri, but she very closely resembles Dr. Grace Augustine, who was Weaver’s character in the original Avatar. We are unsure of their relationship, if any, but we can’t wait to find out!

New cast members will join the Na’vi people and the world of Pandora, including Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, and Edie Falco.

Avatar: The Way of the Water

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, Avatar: The Way of the Water takes us back to Pandora, where Jack and Neytiri face new challenges as they fight to preserve their home and protect their family. There are not many details of what new adventures the much-anticipated film will take us on, but we can be assured to be amazed with new visual effects and learn more about the world of Pandora.

On this trip to Pandora, the Na’vi are once again faced with the dangers of human interest in the precious material deep within the planet. Forced to flee their home, Jake and Neytiri explore other parts of Pandora, mainly the waters of the lakes, rivers, and oceans. We are introduced to another clan of Na’vi, the Metkayina. The Metkayina look very similar to the Omaticaya, but with slightly different markings and blue eyes where the Omaticaya have yellow eyes.

New alien creatures to master and, of course, another epic battle, will have fans begging for more. And there will be more, as James Cameron has already announced at least two more sequels to follow this one.

We got our first glimpse of Avatar: The Way of the Water during a showing of Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness earlier this year. A few days later, another trailer hit the screens on the official Avatar YouTube channel. Fans blew up the views, hitting a record high of 148.6 million views on day 1!

Pandora at Disney World

Why wait to see the movie when Disney VIP tour guides can simulate the true world of Pandora? See what true wonders await in the picturesque and dangerous world of Pandora at Disney World. Get lost in the beauty and spirituality of the forests while you walk among the Na’vi and the mythical creatures that share their world. Pandora at Disney World is the ideal way to prepare for Avatar: The Way of the Water with a true VIP experience.

Pandora: The World of Avatar can be found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and includes two major attractions: the Avatar Flight of Passage and the Na’ve River Journey. Shopping and dining options are also available at the Pandora at Disney World experience.

Take flight on the Avatar Flight of Passage. Flying over the forest canopy, around floating mountains, and bioluminescent river beds of Pandora on a mountain Banshee in the 3D simulation.This thrilling flying simulation offers amazing visual effects, and you’ll feel like a true Na’vi along with Jake and Neytiri.

You can also take a boat ride on the Kapsaven River on the Na’vi River Journey. Meet some of the Na’vi as they connect with the forest, animals, and spirits of their world.

Visiting Disney World is always an adventure, but now, with Pandora at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, there are even more exciting reasons to plan a trip!

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