Who wouldn’t enjoy being treated like a Very Important Person? At World Class VIP, we customize our tours so you can truly say, “This is my VIP tour.”

World Class VIP tours allow you to enjoy the Disney theme parks and see as many attractions as possible within the period of your tour. Our tours offer a worry-free experience with as little fuss as possible. You can skip lines and ride your favorite roller coasters over and over thanks to FastPass access. No more waiting in line for hours like other visitors who planned their trip on their own.

Personalized Disney tours may be an additional cost, but is worth every penny. For starters signing up for a tour will entitle you to an experienced and knowledgeable VIP guide. If you thought Disney World is all about roller coasters, you are in for a surprise. Our tour guides have years of experience at Disney and know all the hidden gems you might not find on your own.

Save Time and Have an Unforgettable Experience

Time is of the essence and when you are having fun, it seems to go by twice as fast. It’s not uncommon for people to visit only one park for the entire day.

A VIP tour guide specializes in park planning and will use their insider knowledge to schedule your visit to various attractions at the best times to do so. This means no waiting in long lines, getting lost around the parks looking for certain attractions, or wasting time at busy restaurants.

Flexible Tours Fit for a VIP

With a VIP tour, you never have to worry about missing spectacular events or attractions during your visit. You can start your tour at any time, decide how many theme parks you’d like to see in a day, enjoy entry to FastPass attractions, get VIP seating for parades, experience night-time spectaculars, and so much more.

You can meet with your guide at a resort of your choice. This is the perfect option if you prefer an early breakfast before the adventure begins.

Early Reservations and Payments

Reservations for VIP seating and viewings are usually taken in advance. One thing is certain; the experience is priceless. You can also have a restaurant experience arranged on your VIP tour to not only to suit your budget but also complement your adventure at the parks.

World Class VIP allows you to experience all of the magical thrills at every Disney park.

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