A family enjoying all the places to see in Florida

Of all of the places to see in Florida, Disney is by far the best. There are surprises and wonder around every corner. Where else can you ride a roller coast and hug a life-sized Goofy? If you are planning to pack the kids up and head to Florida, or just want to get out of the house and have some fun; check out the greatest of places to see in Florida, Disney!

Here is why Disney is one of the best places to see in Florida!

Walt Disney built the parks with the intent of them being their own microcosm. He chose to purchase a huge parcel of land in one of the nicest places to see in Florida, 43 acres to be exact. This means that the parks and resorts are totally Disney, once you drive by the “Welcome to Disney” sign, you have left reality and entered one of the best places on Earth. It’s no wonder so many people choose Disney parks as their favorite places to see in Florida.

There is Something for Everyone

One of the things that makes Disney one of the greatest places to see in Florida is that there are attractions for everyone. There’s even a large sports park and three championship golf courses. There’s a whole park full of animal attractions called Animal Kingdom; Magic Kingdom has all of the traditional characters you have seen in the movies. There are princess brunches, roller coasters, plenty of shopping, and all kinds of great food choices! Oh, and don’t forget the parades and shows!

Complete Authenticity

Once you are on Disney property, everything you see is owned and produced by Disney. You won’t find rip-off shops, or poorly dressed characters asking for money to give you an autograph. You will get pure 100% Disney excitement.

Perfection in the Details

Another reason why Disney parks are the best places to see in Florida are the details. For example, you won’t see the two same characters in the same area at the same time. Therefore you will never hear your child say, “Mom, why are there two Belles, I thought there was only one?”

The Magic Kingdom has Main St and the Cinderella Castle. At Epcot, there is Spaceship Earth. There is a Haunted Hotel at Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom has the Tree of Life. While visiting the parks, you must take in these iconic sites.

The last thing that makes Disney parks the best places to see in Florida is that they are never done. Never done, as in there will always be new attractions. Disney will continue to expand its magic for generations to come. Keeping the tried and true classics while adding new characters and landscapes as they are developed.

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