Adults loving private Disney tours and having fun on rides

Experience Disney Attractions Stress-Free With Private Disney Tours

Private Disney tours are like an unlimited FastPass. You get to skip the lines, enjoy rides as many times as you would like, and get the best seats at shows. If you are not sure what to do at Disney, World Class VIP tour guides can create an itinerary based on your preferences.

Cover More Ground

If you are stopping in Orlando for a short time and cannot cram all the major attractions in a couple of days, you can knock multiple attractions without wasting time through a private VIP tour.

The tour guides can reserve your meals to ensure you are always on the go. You can cover three parks in about six hours with our tours.

Rockstar Treatment, Literally

Be a rockstar for a day and enter the backstage to mingle with your favorite Disney characters or enjoy all the rides in ONE DAY.

Disney parks are quite far from each other. If you want to move to another park, this means spending about 45 minutes on the road using shuttle service.

Front Row Seats for All Shows

Why watch your favorite shows from the back when you can be at the front row and make an appearance on stage? With a VIP tour, you or your child could be the stars of the show. While this is not guaranteed, you will love the electrifying atmosphere the front row.

No Waiting in Line

With private Disney tours, you can go up the fast pass line any time and as many times as you want. Whether you want to enjoy the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for three consecutive times or go on Rock n Roller Coaster 12 times, a VIP tour is all you need.

To be fair, you won’t be skipping the Fast Pass Line. However, you won’t wait in the lines for more than 10 minutes. If you’ve been to Disney before, you know how brutal waiting on line can be.

Insider Tips and Tricks

You cannot uncover all the Disney magic on your own. VIP tour guides have been working in the parks for years and know all the best places to visit and tricks to get the most out of your adventures.

Time is Money

World Class VIP tours are a great experience when visiting Disney parks. If you want to see all the marvelous attractions in the parks, it’s worth booking private Disney tours for a VIP experience. The tours provide many perks, as you will get to skip lines, get front-row seats, and more.

Contact World Class VIP today to book your private Disney World tours. We can also help you with Disney Hotel Reservations!