Using private Disney World tour guides for your visit to Disney parks is always the best way to go. Whether you are entirely new to Disney, or a veteran park goer, private Disney World tour guides will make your trip better every time. The many great reasons to use private Disney World tour guides, other than the fact that they all have fun personalities, are highlighted below!

Our Tour Guides’ Services

After your perfect Disney vacation is planned, Disney hotel reservations made, and you are on your way to enjoying the parks, your tour guide will meet up with you at the gate. Here your guide will have tickets and sometimes coffee, for the parents of course, in hand. The whole group can enjoy the park free from all cares.

All private tour guides have ample knowledge of the parks; they even know how to locate the closest bathroom for those last second bathroom breaks. They know where the best and the healthiest snacks are found. You tour guide is able to make any reservation changes needed and will be able to add in additional activities along the way if needed. No reason for crocodile tears, our private tour guides will take care of all the minute details in a breeze.

Programming FastPasses

If you have ever read through the FastPass directions of use, you know they can be quite complicated for someone new. Our private Disney World tour guides will program your FastPasses for you. Not only that, but while you are on attractions your tour guide can help with extra items such as strollers, or watch children while the rest of you and have some fun. Your private tour guides can also grab refreshments for you while you are on the ride.

As you are enjoying the park, our private Disney World tour guides can make or change dinner reservations. Your guide will also book the best seats for shows. Our guides know that your time is valuable and they take pride in doing everything that they can to make sure you make the most out of your vacation time.

At the end of the day rest assured our private Disney World tour guides will make sure you get to the best souvenir shops in the park. We save this for last, so everyone is not stuck carrying a lot of items around the park.

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