A Private Tour of Legoland® can help your family experience all the wonders of this creative theme park.

Millions of children around the world have played with Legos, and plenty of adults collect the sets to continue their childlike glee. This is one of the reasons Legoland® has proven to be such a fantastic theme park for people of all ages.

The best way to get the most out of Legoland® is through a private VIP tour. Below are some of the highlights of what you and your family can expect from Legoland® and why a private tour is a great choice for the trip.

Build-A-Boat With a Private tour of Legoland®

There’s no way that a Legoland® theme park was going to be constructed without having the opportunity to build things. In this area, you get to build your own boat and race against others. This stop is an absolute must during a private tour of Legoland®.

Battle of Bricksburg

We bet you’d never guess that a private tour of Legoland® would include an alien attack. That’s exactly what you get at the Battle of Bricksburg, where you help defend against DUPLO alien Invaders! Kids and adults will absolutely love it!

Beetle Bounce

One thing that must absolutely be on the agenda for your private tour of Legoland® is the delightful Beetle Bounce. This popular attraction will launch you 15 feet into the air and bring you safely back down again. Many attendees go on this ride multiple times during their visit, so there may be a wait involved if you don’t work with a private VIP tour guide.

Wave Pool

If you’ve never been to the theme park’s huge wave pool, then this is your chance for a bit of fun in the sun. During your private tour of Legoland®, be sure to schedule a good amount of time for this attraction. And, don’t worry – if you forget to pack any water park supplies like bathing suits, proper footwear, or sunscreen, there’s a surf shop exactly for that purpose.

Twin Chasers

There are few things in this world more fun and exciting than sliding down a big water tube. These enclosed slides take you 375 feet from the top to the bottom, where you plunge directly into a refreshing pool. When planning your private tour of Legoland®, be sure to put this on your agenda.

Joker Soaker

This interactive area has tons of water fun, so you definitely don’t want to enjoy your private tour of Legoland® without it. Kids absolutely love this attraction, because it includes places to climb, slides, a wading pool, and water spouts. There’s even a huge 300-gallon bucket filled with water that you can splash around in.

Beach-n-Brick Grill

During your private tour of Legoland®, you’ll definitely be working up an appetite. This grill has tons of great-tasting food like burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and salads. This will give you and your kids a nice break from the action, but it will also re-energize them for all the fun things they still need to do.

Ice Cream Hut

A visit to Legoland® simply wouldn’t be complete without a tasty treat. The Ice Cream Hut has a variety of pre-packaged items from popular companies like Good Humor, Popsicle, Breyer’s, and more.

Contact World Class VIP to Reserve Your Private Tour of Legoland®

Legoland private tours ensure that you enjoy the theme park has to offer. World Class VIP tours can make your trip something truly special by assisting you with hotel booking assistance through Disney hotel reservations, scheduling the day’s events, skipping lines, and much more. If you’re ready for a wonderful private tour of Legoland® give our tour guides a call at (407) 810-9500 for a private VIP Disney tour quote.

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