Some may assume that Disney World is just for little kids. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A Disney tour can be customized for all family members, including older children and adults.

Here are a few of our Disney private VIP tours that teens will love!

Explore the Magic of the African Trek

Get up close to African wildlife in the African Trek safari-inspired tour. This outdoors tour will captivate with a chance to see world’s most famous Savanna wildlife. Everyone will be fascinated as they watch the hippos feeding up close, cross bridges over crocodile pools, and experience exotic animals like never before.

Our private VIP tours can include a ride atop an open Jeep into the African Savanna, alongside a knowledgeable guide that will educate teens about the animals, their feeding routines, and habitats.

Adrenaline-Packed Roller Coaster Rides

Three out of the four Disney theme parks have roller coasters. At the Magic Kingdom, your teens will want a piece of the action at Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. While these are not the tallest roller coasters, their speed and sharp turns toss riders around in their seats, making them a top attraction at the park.

Splash Mountain isn’t technically a roller coaster. However, the dark ride element offers an unforgettable experience. Teens will love cooling off with this ride during the summertime. Watch out for the big drop at the end!

Sleep in, Stay Out Late

Teenagers sure do love to sleep in when they get the chance. After getting their beauty sleep, teens will want to stay up to enjoy the fireworks as they light up the night sky in an incredible formation of patterns, one of the highlights of the Disney World Parks.

Night concerts are also something that teens will love to attend at Disney. Performances by local and international acts are typically hosted from late evening through the night. How about a late night player dining at the best restaurants booked in advance by your private VIP tour guide? Nights spent at Disney can provide incredible experiences for both you and your teen.

Planning to Visit Disney With Your Teen?

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