Looking for the ultimate tour of Disney World? If so, you cannot go wrong with a Disney World VIP tour by World Class VIP.

Check out these five reasons to choose us for your Disney World VIP tour:

1. Fast and easy booking

Booking your Disney World VIP tour is fast and easy with our VIP tour company. Our VIP tour guides navigate you to all of the major attractions you wish to see. They will also handle everything in regards to booking at various attractions.
Your guides can also plan your mealtimes to ensure you have more time for the attractions.

2. Disney World insider knowledge

There is a lot more to Disney parks than just the rides. Our VIP guides have insider tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your experience. The tour guides know some hidden gems that even a seasoned Disney fan doesn’t know about. They can teach you about Disney’s history, how to get front-row seats to shows, discover unique attractions, and much more.

3. Save time with FastPass

Disney World VIP tours enable you to maximize your tour by skipping the long lines with access to the FastPass line. The FastPass lane not only saves you time but you avoid the frustration of having to wait for long amounts of time.
With FastPass access, you can go back into the line of a ride you like multiple times, without having to navigate the FastPass+ system.

4. Get the best event seats

Your VIP tour itinerary can be customized to include every event you would like to attend. Our guides know the best times to visit specific attractions and can also book your event tickets in advance to ensure you get the best seats.
No need to haggle with the other visitors at the gates. Your World Class VIP tour will allow you to skip the lines and have a true VIP experience.

5. An unforgettable experience

Disney World attractions are truly spectacular, but walking from one to the next can waste a lot of your time and tire you out early on in the day. Your VIP guides plan your tour to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. Whether you enjoy the thrilling roller coasters or prefer an African safari adventure, you will be surprised at how much you can conquer when lead by a VIP tour guide.

Want an unforgettable Disney World VIP tour? Contact us at 407-810-9500 to book your tour today!


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