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Every Orlando vacation is made much better by visiting one of Disney’s amazing theme parks where you and your family will be given the opportunity to enjoy incredible rides, attractions, events, food, and so much more. Seasoned travelers, however, understand the importance of making Disney hotel reservations that will complement their theme park adventure. The Riviera Resort will soon be the next addition to the Disney family of hotels, and theme park fans simply can’t wait. Set to open on December 16th of this year, the resort has been created with a European and Mediterranean flair.

Disney “Flair” and Special Touches

Whether you’re a Disney diehard or a casual fan, there’s very little doubt that you’ve noticed the level of European influence that can be found throughout the company’s amazing collection of movies, television, and other creations. It has been obvious since Disney’s inception that Walt Disney found inspiration throughout Europe, which is why many of their stories feature lavish castles, European-like vistas, and similar influences. Quite a few creations have even been set abroad to take full advantage of what those cultures have had to offer. The Riviera Resort captures the magic that inspired Walt Disney so heavily, which means that travelers can now find themselves right in the middle of their own Happily Ever After.

Flavors of the Riviera

As with all things Disney, food plays a big role in the Riviera Resort. Never one to settle for an “acceptable” food experience, Disney pulls out all the stops by featuring a wide variety of French and Italian cuisine. There are a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items at the Riviera Resort that will delight visitors of all ages. You’ll dine on a terrace that provides amazing rooftop views while you eat. Breakfast includes a Disney character dining experience that is a perfect way to start your Disney theme park adventure.

Disney Skyliner Transportation

The Disney family of theme parks cover a huge area, to say the least. This is why Disney has gone to great lengths to provide convenient transportation options for their guests. One mode of travel that you can choose in certain areas the Disney Skyliner, accessible at the Riviera Resort, which not only gets you around rather quickly but also introduces you to gorgeous views as you travel from one place to another. Skyliner takes you above the trees on a beautiful gondola that is a great way to get around several areas while adding even more fun to an already exciting Disney vacation.

Full Range of Accommodations

Disney loves to pack in as many accommodations into their resorts as they possibly can and that’s definitely the case with the Riviera Resort. The villas offer separate bedrooms that provide privacy for everyone in your party, but you’ll also have access to your very own washer and dryer, a fully-equipped kitchen, a bubble-jet bathtub, and more. The Riviera Resort is also the only Disney hotel to offer Tower Studios. These rooms will fit two people and feature a pull-down, queen-sized bed that is perfect for those who want to save a bit of money but still take advantage of European comfort and design.

Enjoy the Riviera Resort with World Class VIP

The Riviera Resort provides a fantastic taste of European and Mediterranean culture and beauty. The Disney VIP tour guides provided by World Class VIP will help you skip lines, make hotel reservations, plan your itinerary, fine dining opportunities, and more. Our team offers Disney VIP tours, Universal Studios VIP tours, Epcot VIP tours, and much more. Give us a call at (407) 810-9500 and our experts will tell you more about the Riviera Resort and provide you with a private VIP Disney tour quote.


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