What are some of the lesser-known features of Space Mountain at Disney World?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be an astronaut, hurling through the atmosphere into the starry skies above? Space Mountain Disney World, along with the Space Mountain attractions at other Disney Parks, lets you feel like you’re taking part in a real mission into outer space!

Features of Space Mountain

Since opening in 1975, Disney Imagineers went to infinity and beyond when they created this space-themed ride – even going so far as to consult with real astronauts to make it resemble a top-notch NASA facility.

Space Mountain Disney World was not only the world’s first indoor roller coaster; it was also the first to feature music synced by a computer system. Unlike most buildings, the rafters holding the roof up are on the outside of the building, allowing for a smooth interior ceiling and a planetarium-style effect inside.

Here is more of what you’ll experience when you choose to take on the adventure today:

A Futuristic, Spaceport-Themed Queue

Your journey into Space Mountain Disney World will begin with a walk down a long, gray corridor, peppered with bright white lights and flashing blue signs. Along the way, you’ll see screens updating the status of your mission, and “windows” allowing you to look out at the stars and the galaxy beyond.

Accessible, Single-File “Rocket Ship” Vehicles

At the end of the queue, the line splits into two sections – labeled Alpha and Omega. These lead to two separate identical tracks running at any given time. Guests will choose which path they want to go down and will board their six-person rocket accordingly.

As far as accessibility options go, guests are treated to Disney’s top-notch service. The videos that play in the beginning of the queue are closed-captioned, and the ride is wheelchair accessible. Guests on Electric Conveyance Vehicles, or ECV’s, are transferred into a standard wheelchair, and the only caveat is that they must have the ability to step into the ride vehicle. While this may be seen as inconvenient, it is no different from the requirements for other rides in the Magic Kingdom.

A Thrilling, Fast-Paced Ride Experience

Once guests are seated on board, they’re whisked off into the immersive experience that Disney is known for. Their rocket ship begins zooming through the “space station”, goes through a tunnel with blue, flashing lights, and then begins its ascent up the first hill. Guests are met with various space scenes and a countdown to launch into the vast unknown.

Suddenly, the rocket is jettisoned through outer space! Guests will see a flash of twinkling white stars as they’re taken up, down, and around fast curves in the vastness of space. Even though the steepest drop is only 39 degrees, and the fastest speed is 28 miles per hour, it feels much more intense when you’re on the ride. The darkness has a way of scrambling the senses as future astronauts are hurled through the atmosphere – or lack thereof.

Themed Music for Different Occasions

Further enhancing the ride experience is the addition of new music and a storyline. In August 2010, composers created the “Starry-O-Phonic Sound” element, which provides a futuristic, exclusive composition for the ride. Along with new lighting and updated décor, the music plays on all voyages to make you feel like you’re really taking part in a space mission.

The music is changed to fit special events in the park, too! During Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and Villains After Hours, they use a spooky soundtrack and dim the starlight to make it completely dark inside. Similarly, at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, they put red and green lights up, and play a Christmas techno soundtrack!

Keepsakes for the Entire Family

Space Mountain Disney World ends with a sudden ride through a red, swirling wormhole before careening its way briefly through the stars and back into the spaceport. Astronauts can then disembark on their journey and pick up some cool, Space Mountain-themed swag at the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.

There are a number of different items to choose from. Some fan favorites are customizable cell phone cases and photos taken while they were on the roller coaster.  Guests can even customize their magic bands by having their names printed on them or by choosing one out of 40 different graphics to decorate them with!

Fast Facts and Features

  • You must be at least 44 inches tall to ride Space Mountain Disney World.
  • Average wait times are between 50-100 minutes.
  • Space Mountain is a FastPass+ attraction
  • Space Mountain is wheelchair-accessible
  • The Rider-Switch Service is available for adults with non-riders to watch
  • The building that houses the ride was purposely made shorter than originally intended so that it didn’t take away from the impressiveness of Cinderella’s Castle.

Space Mountain Disney World is a classic, iconic ride in the Magic Kingdom. It’s a favorite for the young and old alike and is a ride experience that you don’t want to miss out on. If you want to travel through a mass of twinkling stars, glowing comets, and swirling wormholes, contact World Class VIP today at (407) 270-1781 for a free private VIP tour quote.  You won’t regret it!

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