What to Pack to Stay Cool at Disney World

High temperatures are not unusual in Florida, where the weather generally stays tropical all year round. Going outside during the summer can be exhausting, since it becomes extra hot at this time of year. If you are planning to visit Disney World while the sun is up and about, you have to make sure to prepare for the heat and humidity.

From staying hydrated to wearing moisture-wicking clothes, there are plenty of ways to stay cool at Disney. Now that visitors are required to wear masks, it can feel extra stuffy to walk around each of the parks. Thus, it is all the more important to come prepared and ready to beat the heat. Whatever your plans may be, don’t let the sun dampen your mood. Take note of these tips and tricks to stay fresh and have a great experience at Disney World!

Before you get excited about what parks to visit and where you want to eat, start by making sure you pack everything needed to stay cool at Disney. Some of the essentials to bring with you include:

  • Sunscreen. Sunscreen will be one of the most important — if not THE most important — things to pack. Considering how hot it can be in the summer and how long you will be outdoors, you can only imagine how your skin will react to long-term sun exposure. Applying sunscreen before you leave and reapplying throughout the day is critical to avoid sunburn and keep your skin protected.
  • Cooling Towel. You will be doing a lot of walking in Disney World, so a cooling towel will come in handy when you are feeling the effects of the weather. Place the towel on your neck or back, so you can cool off and get some relief from the sun.
  • Misting Fan. If you have ever visited the park during the summer, you might have noticed guests carrying misting fans. Most are portable and will easily fit in your park bag, so you need not worry about how to bring it along while you move around. Whenever you feel like you need some refreshment, give yourself a quick spritz to stay cool at Disney. Be careful not to spray other guests while doing this.
  • Lightweight Clothes. Avoid thick, heavy clothing during the summer months. Opt for lightweight and moisture-wicking clothes to allow your skin to breathe. Similarly, lighter colors will be preferable over darker colors since the latter can absorb heat and make you feel even warmer.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Aside from packing your bag with all the essentials, you can also use these additional tips to stay cool at Disney once you get to the park:

  1. Stay Hydrated

Nothing tops the importance of staying hydrated during the hotter days. It may sound obvious, but it is still easily forgotten when you get caught up in all the attractions. Throughout your visit, make sure to have water bottles on hand to constantly refresh your body. To avoid spending too much on your water, you can bring your own bottle and refill it in any of the water stations found around the park.

  1. Schedule Breaks

Planning is always key to having a smooth trip. The heat will make you feel exhausted faster, so it is highly recommended to schedule frequent breaks throughout your day. Give yourself time to stop and relax for a bit to avoid any health risks.

The sun usually peaks at mid-day, so try to visit air-conditioned attractions during this time. Browse through gift shops or schedule an indoor show, so you can stay out of the heat. Alternatively, you can return to your Disney resort to recharge. Whether you stay in your room or take a splash in the pool, it will help you avoid the hour when the sun is at its highest.

  1. Eat Refreshing Snacks

Another great way to stay cool at Disney is to snack on some cold and refreshing treats. Grab a Dole whip, Mickey ice cream bar, sundae, or frozen juice during your break. The snack will surely be a welcome relief after walking under the sun for some time. Summer is the perfect time to indulge in these cold, frozen snacks.

  1. Avoid Over-packing

As much as possible, avoid over-packing and keep your bag light to prevent feeling even stuffier. While you might have to pack some extra things for the heat and humidity, try to limit it to the absolute essentials. Think hard about what you really need for the day, so your bag will be easy to carry around.

  1. Pace Yourself

Regardless of what theme parks you visit—whether you go to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or another park — always remember to pace yourself. As exciting as Disney World may be, overexerting your body can lead to harmful consequences. Many times, guests do not realize how much they have walked until they start to feel the effects.

To avoid such issues, make sure to pace yourself as you go through your itinerary. If you have a hard time doing this, consider booking a Disney VIP tour for your trip. Your guide can help build your schedule and fit breaks in between to ensure that you maximize your time without overdoing it.

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