The long-awaited grand opening of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park has officially happened! If you are planning to see the new addition, don’t waste your time fighting the crowds, take a Toy Story Land VIP tour and enjoy a 100% headache free visit to the park.
Toy Story the movie was a groundbreaking film. It was Pixar’s first full-length feature ever released, and it was a huge hit. Children and adults fell in love with Andy, his friends, and all of their adventures. The animation company became so popular that Disney purchased it in 2006. Toy Story Land is one of the first main Pixar features to be installed in any of the parks. When you take a Toy Story Land VIP tour, you will learn about all of the histories behind Pixar and Disney. Here are a couple of great reasons you will want to take a Toy Story and VIP tour with Word Class VIP.

Toy Story Land VIP Tour Guides

Your Toy Story Land VIP tour guide has already been trained to provide tours of the Toy Story Land park. Your tour guide will know when the best time to hit different attractions will be, the best times to run into characters, how to program the fast pass from one attraction to another so that you don’t have to wait in line, and most of all, they are friendly and will always do their best to be sure that you are having the best time possible at the park.

No Headaches

Going to Toy Story Land without a Toy Story Land VIP tour is going to be an uphill battle no matter how you look at it. The park just opened, so it will be constantly flooded with people for months to come. Taking a Toy Story Land VIP tour ensures that you will spend your time enjoying the new park instead of fending off crowds and waiting in line for everything. Also, if you have little one your Toy Story Land VIP tour guide acts as another set of eyes to be sure the kids are safe.
To start booking your Toy Story and VIP tour with World Class VIP today, fill out our form today. Upon receiving your request, World Class VIP will contact you to work out the details of your Toy Story land adventure!

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