Animal Kingdom is a Disney park filled with live animals and animal-themed entertainment. In Animal Kingdom you can go on safari, watch shows given by animal caretakers, hold lizards, and even experience an Avatar flight. Many people call Animal Kingdom the half day park because many of the attractions are experiences with live animals and other types of shows that most people do not know about. Taking a VIP tour of Animal Kingdom will significantly enhance your experience.

Animal Kingdom is More Than Just Rides

If you go into Animal Kingdom with a simple map on your phone or even no map or schedule at all, you will probably think you are done with the park in about four hours depending on how long you wait in line for rides. If you take a VIP tour of Animal Kingdom, you will have the chance to experience all that the park has to offer. When you sign up for your VIP tour of Animal Kingdom, World Class VIP will contact you to find out the type of experience you would like to have there. Even if you have very little knowledge of the park, your VIP tour of Animal Kingdom will be comprehensive and cover all of the experiences the park has to offer.

VIP Tour Guides Have Insider Knowledge About the Park

The tour guide for your private tour of Animal Kingdom knows the park inside and out. They are aware of events happening all over the park. Your tour guide will make suggestions that will enhance your Animal Kingdom experience during your time there. Your VIP tour guide will be sure that your family will also have all the tickets and reservations prearranged with World Class VIP in addition to making on the spot suggestions when they see fit.
If you want the best seats, the best views, and the best experience at Animal Kingdom contact World Class VIP and book your VIP tour of Animal Kingdom today! We can’t wait to help you have the most memorable experience at Animal Kingdom.

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