Have you ever wondered what the perfect VIP Disney experience would be like? Imagine having your own personal tour guide to take you around Disney parks, show you where all the great spots are and lead you around the crowds like a pro.

Having a VIP Disney experience is a vacation that you and your family will never forget. As a matter of fact, the next time you visit the Disney parks, you will probably opt for the VIP Disney experience all over again. There are so many ways to tailor your visit; everyone will have the most magical Disney adventure.

Tour Guides

When you take a Disney tour with World Class VIP, you get the most knowledgeable and friendly guides around. Your tour guide has unmatched knowledge of how each park is laid out and how to best get from one attraction to another.

Your tour guide will even program your FastPasses so that you have minimal wait times in line. This way much of your day will be free for simply taking in the sights and enjoying the company of others in your group.

Tickets and Reservations

When booking your VIP Disney experience, you can inform World Class VIP of any additional shows or dining plans that you have. World Class VIP will see to it that your tickets and reservations are ready when you arrive at the park. World Class VIP will get you the best seats for the shows that you would like to take in while enjoying your VIP Disney experience.


Every family that uses World Class VIP for their VIP Disney experience goes on their own personalized itinerary through the parks. When you book your VIP Disney experience, World Class VIP will specially formulate a schedule for your family according to the attractions you would like to see and the rides you want to hit.

If you are ready to book your VIP Disney experience, contact World Class VIP today. We look forward to creating the perfect Disney experience for you and your family.


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