If you love Disney, add a VIP Disney Tour to your holiday wish list.

The time has come once again for travelers all across the country to grab their kids, parents, grandparents, friends, and others to enjoy the magic of Disney during their holiday vacation. Whether you’re hitting the road or boarding a plane to get there, everyone knows that a marvelous time awaits you at Disney World.

A lot of attention is given to presents that are under a tree or in a stocking. Giving the gift of a VIP Disney tour will make any fan of Disney World happy. Let’s explore some of the greatest features these private tours have to offer.

Plan a Full Itinerary

Once you’ve signed up for a Disney tour, the tour guides will work to design an itinerary for the day. This will be a basic rundown of what you’re most excited to see while you’re at the park such as events, rides, characters, food, and other things. This itinerary will include input for your vacation and the specific rides and attractions you want to experience. The itinerary can be changed at a moment’s notice, but it’s always best to have a starting point.

Spend Less Time in Line

As exciting as Disney rides and attractions are, no one really likes standing in line for an extended period of time. Your tour guide will assist you with programming your three Disney FastPasses, to help you experience more throughout the day. Plus, the tour guide will know which attractions are most beneficial for the passes so that you can optimize them for the best use.

Reserve an Amazing Disney Resort or Hotel

Many people forget that the resort hotels are also an incredible part of the overall experience of visiting Disney World. Each hotel is almost like a mini-park of its own, with exciting features that can include themed rooms, character breakfasts, water slides, and more. Your Disney tour guide will work with you to decide which hotel would be best to accommodate your needs and make the Disney hotel reservations for you.

Meet Disney Characters

While you make your way through the park, you’ll come across many of Disney’s most famous characters. Several of the most popular characters will be in specific locations at predetermined times. Your VIP Disney tour guide will guide you to your favorite characters, including those who are a part of a variety of dining experiences.

Discover Delicious Food

Speaking of dining experiences, Disney World has food available absolutely everywhere! Any time that you want to eat, whether it’s a full meal or just a snack, your tour guide will help you find something that will hit the spot. Your tour guide will even help you find a dining experience that includes a character meet-and-greet along with the meal.

Keep Belongings Secure

Whether you’re the type of person who travels light when visiting a theme park or a similar location, or a person who packs for every contingency, there’s always the concern of security whenever you attend a show or go on a ride. Your Disney tour guide will keep a close eye on your belongings to ensure you and your family enjoy the rides and attractions.

Give the Gift of a VIP Disney Tour with World Class VIP

World Class VIP will go to great lengths to ensure that your entire family has an absolute blast at Disney World this holiday season. Our Disney VIP tour guides will help you skip long lines, discover great food, keep your belongings secure, meet your favorite characters, make Disney hotel reservations, and more. To learn more about what we can offer or receive a Disney VIP private tour quote, contact us today!

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