Plan a VIP theme park tour for Father’s Day!

The best gift that a dad can receive for Father’s Day doesn’t come from a physical present that he puts in his medicine cabinet or uses around the house. Rather, it comes from making memories with the family that he loves.

A great place to make these lasting memories is Disney World, and the best way to get the most out of this special day is through the use of a VIP Theme Park tour.

Let’s take a look at why a Disney VIP tour is so awesome and give you a glimpse at a few Father’s Day activities.

Private Theme Park Tours

A VIP theme park tour is absolutely the best way for your father and the rest of your family to enjoy their day at Disney World or one of its connected parks. Once you book your VIP tour, you will be able to make Disney hotel reservations, skip lines, plan meals, and much more. The day will be organized around ensuring that your father has an absolute blast.

Father’s Day Meals

There will be a few different opportunities for special Father’s Day dining options. If you are unable to make a reservation or simply want to decide what to eat on the day of, then your VIP theme park tour guide can assist you with hunting down the perfect place. Trust us – there are so many different restaurants at Disney World that there is something for absolutely everyone.

Golfing at Disney

While golfing may not be part of the typical VIP theme park tour experience for many guests, Father’s Day is a popular time for dads and their families to hit the links. Maybe that’s because all Disney World golf courses offer free play for any golfers 18 years old and under. This is an opportunity that even casual fans of the sport may not be able to pass up.

Disney Fine Art Photography

Anyone who has visited Disney World is probably very aware that there are many photo opportunities throughout the park on any given day. Father’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to utilize Disney Fine Art Photography, which offers photo packages for special occasions. This is a great way to capture all of the fun you had during your VIP theme park tour.

Travel to Pandora: The World of Avatar

In just a few short years, we will once again be heading to the world of Avatar with as many as four sequels to the original film. For Father’s Day, however, there’s no reason to wait. You can now have your dad create his own personal Avatar using digital technology, which he’ll be presented with as an action figure once the process is complete. This is the perfect way to round out your VIP theme park experience.

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

There’s a very good chance that your dad is a fan of Star Wars (isn’t everyone?), so this specific event will definitely make his day. It takes place at Hollywood Studios and features several types of specialty drinks and delicious desserts, which precede a huge fireworks celebration. Your VIP theme park tour simply won’t be complete without enjoying this incredible event.

Contact World Class VIP for a VIP Theme Park Tour of Disney

No matter what you choose to do on Father’s Day, just make sure that you celebrate it in the best way possible. If that includes the use of a VIP theme park tour in Orlando, the tour guides at World Class VIP will help plan your day and optimize your time. Give us a call for a private VIP Disney tour quote.

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