The International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot is an experience that you don’t want to miss. There are special events going on from August 30 to November 12 that allow you to enjoy the food and beverages from many of the countries featured at Epcot, not to mention the live music and unique souvenirs.

If you want to get the full International Food and Wine experience, check out the festivities with a VIP tour of Epcot. Taking a VIP tour will ensure that when you leave the park, you know that you were able to enjoy all that the festival had to offer. Here are a few ways that taking a VIP tour of Epcot with World Class VIP will enhance your experience.

Well Informed Guides

Your VIP guides will have comprehensive knowledge about all of the festival’s major events and sideshows. When you book your VIP tour of Epcot, you will work with World Class VIP to preplan a personalized itinerary for the visit.

A tour assistant will tell you about everything there is to do at the festival and start planning out your time accordingly. Once you arrive at the park and begin your journey around the globe, your tour guide can make suggestions for additional activities to add to your day. Your VIP tour guide also knows the best times to visit each part of the park and will program FastPasses for you so that you will not be waiting in line for very long.

Tickets and Reservations

When you take a VIP tour of Epcot with World Class VIP, all of your event tickets and reservations will be taken care of ahead of time. These activities will be placed on your schedule, and your tour guide will direct you to them when it is time. Additionally, if there are events or restaurants that you would like to experience while on your VIP tour of Epcot, just let your guide know, and they will take care of it while you enjoy the festivities.

If you are ready for a private VIP Disney tour of Epcot, contact World Class VIP today. We can’t wait to help you travel the world at Epcot during the International Food and Wine Festival this fall!

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