VIP Travel

When you choose to travel to Disney, you want to feel like you are living in a luxurious magical world. How often do you and your family visit Disney in Orlando? This can be a once in a lifetime trip, so make the best travel plans all around. If you do it right, the experience you’ll have will be far more exciting.

Should you Stay at a Disney Hotel?

There are pros and cons to including the Disney hotels in your travel plans. First, staying on site means that you get free transportation into the parks. You will not need to rent a car or have an international driver’s license should you be from far away. On top of that, you can get fully inclusive meal plans.

Some of the hotels also include FastPasses when you book a travel experience, in other words, when you book the more expensive rooms. If you are planning to stay for an extended amount of time, you can get groceries delivered, as well as other supermarket items you may need. Think this through; you want your travel plans to be worth every penny.

VIP Travel Through Disney

You have probably heard of the many different tours that you can take through the Disney parks. Disney runs their own travel tours through the parks, and they are going to be the most pricey that you will find. For your VIP travel plans, if you are looking to save a few dollars, the best place to do that is by choosing a tour company that is offsite.

Choosing off-site private Disney tour guides offers many more services and gives you the option to visit parks that are not part of Disney. For example, if your children just can’t bear the thought of leaving Florida without seeing a whale or LegoLand you can take SeaWorld VIP tours and a Legoland VIP Tour.

Making offsite VIP travel tour plans offers you more services. Most offsite companies will work with you on your whole vacation, from booking flights, hotels, restaurants, additional sightseeing, and pretty much anything you can think of. The Disney owned tour services do not offer all of these extra VIP travel benefits.

The Tours

Making VIP travel plans and taking a private VIP tour of Disney gives the entire family the freedom to enjoy the day. Should you pick a great offsite tour company such as World Class VIP tours, your tour will be specifically tailored to your family’s needs.

If you are looking to speed through all of the lines, or enjoy the fine details of every attraction, your private tour guide will be sure to deliver that for you. Most parents book guided tours to make things easier on their children and to avoid the headaches of navigating through these vast theme parks.

You will find that your overall VIP travel experience to Disney is enhanced with World Class VIP. Contact World Class VIP today! We can’t wait to help you plan your private Disney World Tours!