Why you need to plan your Disney winter vacation before setting out on your adventure.

According to the old saying, ’tis the season to visit Disney World in Orlando. Well, maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes. But given how wonderful it is to visit Disney in winter, maybe it should be!
Whether you’re planning to enjoy a Disney vacation with your friends and family, a few co-workers, or to celebrate with a spouse or significant other, visiting Disney in winter will always result in a fantastic time.
However, you should never rush into a Disney vacation without first coming up with a proper plan of action. Here are a few tips for visiting Disney in winter:

Pack Clothes for the Weather

Orlando weather during the winter won’t be nearly as cold other states, like New York or Vermont, but it’s still better to pack warm clothing just in case. You can also pay attention to the weather report periodically and if you’re opting for a professional tour guide, ask for their opinion on what you should pack clothing-wise.

Find the Perfect Disney Resort or Hotel

Many people fail to realize the resorts and hotels they choose to stay in during their Disney vacation will have a good deal of opportunities for fun and excitement. Each hotel will have different types of common accommodations, such as fitness gyms or swimming pools, but some will have themed rooms, water slides, character breakfasts, and other features to make your stay even more memorable and exciting!

Be Prepared for the Crowd

Although attendance at Disney World may decrease when the weather gets especially cold, there will definitely be days when the crowds will be a bit heavy because so many people are excited to experience the Christmas celebration at the park. The best advice that we can give is to start planning your itinerary right away, arrive early to the park, and choose the busiest rides for your FastPasses.

Take a Break at Disney Springs

If you’d like to take a break from the normal Disney adventure throughout the day, then stop by Disney Springs for a variety of fun activities. This is where you’ll find the Lego Imagination Center, the World of Disney, the Marketplace, the Town Center, and a whole lot more, including a number of boutiques with special products to purchase as unique souvenirs. You can also take part in bowling, movies, and more, all in one central location.

Plan a Couple of Date Nights

Your Disney vacation isn’t just about your kids enjoying themselves; adults have plenty of opportunities for fun and excitement, too. You can even enjoy yourself on a date night or two, thanks to the many Disney World Resort babysitting services and activity centers. While you’re out spending some alone time with your significant other, your children will be able to play games, watch movies, make crafts, and even have their own dinner.

Sign Up for a Private VIP Tour

If you want your Disney winter vacation to be truly unique, you should definitely consider signing up for a Disney VIP tour. A private tour will be conducted by your very own tour guide who will help you skip lines, book Disney hotel reservations, discover tasty places to eat, find character meet-and-greets, and more. The tour guide will be at your disposal all day long and their help will be indispensable.

Enjoy a Wonderful Winter Disney Vacation with World Class VIP

The Disney VIP tour guides at World Class VIP will assist you with planning your itinerary, skipping long lines, meeting favorite characters, discovering dining opportunities, making hotel reservations, and so much more. To learn more about how we can make your Disney winter vacation the very best it can be or would like to receive a private VIP Disney tour quote, contact us at (407) 810-9500.

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