A young couple enjoying their private disney guides experience

Planning a trip to the happiest place on earth? If so, you probably don’t want to spend most of the day waiting on lines or trying to discover the best attractions. Visiting Disney can be a hit or miss depending on a number of factors. The family entertainment resort draws millions of tourists every year. You can understand when we say the congestion and hassle of exploring the various attractions are real.

However, this will not be the case when you have private Disney guides in your entourage.

Private Disney tour guides have extensive experience with the parks. Going for a tour with our guides will convince you never to explore the marvels of Disney World by yourself.

Here are some traits of our VIP private Disney tours that make them the best you will ever have.


You only need to book one of our private Disney tours to know why it’s the happiest place on earth. If kids are tagging along with your Disney holiday trip, things can turn out to be frustrating when they get tired.

But what if there was someone to keep them cheerful and attentive during the trip? This is just a sneak peek of what our guides do.
World Class VIP private Disney guides have a great personality that will bring out the childhood wonder in you. If you’ve always thought that Disney attractions are just for kids, your notion will change. When you book one of our VIP tours, you get a knowledgeable friend with a pleasant personality that will help you uncover and experience a world of wonder like never before.

Extensive and Insider Knowledge of the Parks

Whether you are visiting Disney for the first or umpteenth time, there are always hidden gems and secrets to unearth. It takes years of experience to discover hidden gems that most visitors have no idea exist.

World Class VIP tour guides have been scouring Disney Parks for years and know all hidden fascinations. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the top attractions during your first visit or uncover some often-overlooked gems on your subsequent tours, our guides have everything on the palm of their hands.

We can organize a custom itinerary for where you discover something new no matter how many times you have been to Disney.

Disney Fun; Eat Life with a Big Spoon

Disney trips are fun for everyone, especially when you have World Class VIP tour guides in your group. Whether you want to experience the world-famous rides or celebrity-packed events, you are guaranteed to have loads of fun.

Our private Disney guides have a pleasant personality and know how to make everyone excited. All your stops will be full of laughter for the whole family. Kids will love meeting their favorite Disney characters and getting autographs. For adults, there are rides, haunted mansion, and more. If entertainment is your thing, our guides can book tickets and reserve front row seats for you. Of course, there will be stops when everyone can enjoy sumptuous dishes with their favorite drinks.

To get the best of your tour, consider getting a knowledgeable tour guide. World Class VIP private Disney guides have extensive experience on the parks’ activities and will help you save time and money by customizing your itinerary based on your preferences. Contact World Class VIP today to plan your next private Disney World tours. We can also help you book Disney Hotel Reservations.