Learn more about the Animal Kingdom Resort at Disney World!

The Animal Kingdom Hotel is arguably the “flagship” resort of Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida. From its unique savannahs and exciting animal programs to its fine dining establishments, there are many special treats for guests who choose this aesthetically and culturally unique hotel for their family vacation.

So, in that spirit, here are ten fascinating facts about the Animal Kingdom Hotel at Disney World that you should know about for your next Walt Disney World vacation.

#1. It has the largest curated collection of museum-quality African Art

Did you know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is home to the largest collection of African Art outside of Africa? Spread throughout the resort are 380 traditional African art pieces on display, including the impressive 16-feet tall Igbo Ijele mask in the lobby, that you can see during your stay.

#2. There are tons of exotic animals

The three 11-acre savannahs at Animal Kingdom Lodge (Sunset, Arusha and Uzima) are home to over 30 species of African wildlife, including giraffes, zebras, impalas, kudus, gazelle and more. The best part? You can find them roaming around right outside your window!

#3. It has great pools

The hotel has two gorgeous pools: the Uzima pool in Jambo House and the Samawati springs pool in Kidani Village. Both of these offer African-inspired architecture and feature a sloping, zero-depth entry and waterslide.

#4. It has award-winning dining options

The resort has three sit-down restaurants (Boma — Flavors of Africa, Sanaa and Jiko Wine Tasting) that serve award-winning, pan Asian and African-inspired specialties.

#5. There are fun safari rides

Your stay at Disney Animal Kingdom Hotel is not complete without taking a safari. You can explore the 43 acres of the savannah by taking a Night Safari, where you can use night vision goggles to better see the African wildlife in the dark. Or you can choose the Wanyama Safari, which takes you on a 90-minute animal kingdom tour offering a unique vantage point to the animals.

#6. There are cultural representatives

Adding to the hotel’s authentic “African” experience are cultural representatives from various African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, and Botswana. These representatives are always eager to share information about their home countries and cultures.

#7. The lobby is simply breathtaking

The resort features a breathtaking lobby with a multi-storey thatched roof, African-inspired decor and lots of natural light. This architectural masterpiece is sure to make you say “wow!”

#8. It has one of the prettiest lounges you will see

There is an upscale lounge in the resort called Victoria Falls. True to its name, this intimate bar is suspended above a small waterfall overlooking Boma restaurant. When you are at Victoria Falls, you cannot miss its signature cocktails Victoria Falls Mist, Mt. Kilimarita and Nyami Nyami.

#9. It offers an authentic African experience

The moment you step inside, you feel like you have been transported into the wild plains of Africa. This authentic African experience is unlike anything else, and it is reason enough why a trip to the Animal Kingdom Hotel should be at the top of your bucket list.

#10. There is live music

Making your stay more incredible are live performances from African musical artists and groups such as Samite, Khadja Nin, Telek, Ayub Ogada, Les Go De Koteba and Vieux Diop that you would not want to miss!

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