What animals can you experience at SeaWorld.

This year may be filled with ups and downs, but one thing you can never go with is planning a SeaWorld vacation in Orlando. While Disney World’s reopening happened with tons of fanfare, SeaWorld quietly opened its doors again in June and it’s gone, um… swimmingly (sorry… had to do it). ‘

While other theme parks focus primarily on rides and characters, the animals at SeaWorld are always the biggest attraction for adults and children of all ages. There are more than three thousand different types of animals at SeaWorld, but there are a few different that keep visitors coming back again and again.

Top 5 Awesome Animals at SeaWorld

The truth is that all animals at SeaWorld are amazing for one reason or another. Whether you’re interested in whales, dolphins, sharks, octopuses, starfish, walruses, sea turtles, manta rays, exotic fish, pelicans, or some of the many other creatures, you’ll find more than enough to satisfy your curiosity. Here are a select few that visitors seem to enjoy most of all:

  • Killer Whales — Also known as orcas, these majestic creatures are in the dolphin family and can adapt to any type of coastal environment.
  • Sea Lions — Not to be confused with seals (which can be easily identified because their flippers don’t touch the ground), sea lions are a family favorite.
  • Dolphins — Known for their high level of intelligence and friendly nature, these incredible mammals each have their own individual whistle.
  • Penguins — These flightless birds live in Antarctica and have around 100 feathers per square inch, making them very unique creatures indeed.
  • Sharks — Few sea creatures simultaneously instill a sense of awe and fear at the same time, which is why humans are so fascinated with them.

Most Exciting Animal Experiences

Now that you’ve been briefly introduced to a few of the most popular animals at SeaWorld, it’s time to take a look at some of the popular attractions that will allow you to enjoy these wondrous creatures. There are dozens of fantastic attractions, of course, but these are ones you won’t want to miss:

  • Dine with Orcas — Everything on the menu is delicious, but it’s the killer whales swimming just outside the dining area that always get the most attention. You’ll even get to see how they’re cared for by SeaWorld experts once you’ve finished your meal.
  • Pacific Point Preserve — Sea lions are quite vocal, so you’ll know when you’re closing in on this magnificent attraction. If you don’t watch the clock, you could find yourself entranced by their swimming, basking in the sun, and playfulness for hours on end.
  • Dolphin Cove — This attraction allows you to see a collection of bottlenose dolphins above and below the water’s surface. This is the perfect place to begin your dolphin trifecta before you head over to the Dolphin Days show and Dolphin Nursery.
  • Empire of the Penguin — Think “March of the Penguins” but in real life (and without the voice of Morgan Freeman… sorry). This amazing adventure into the chilly habitat of five penguin species is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
  • Shark Encounter — Even if you jump in your seat every time you watch Jaws, you’ll be absolutely fascinated by the sharks swimming all around you. These animals were around long before the dinosaurs and they’re still just as awe-inspiring today.

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