How will Disney World change after the COVID-19 outbreak?

Quick note: At this juncture, it’s extremely important that everyone is practicing social distancing, hand washing, and any other precautions you feel are necessary to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Many of our readers are looking forward to the reopening of Disney World, especially those who have signed up for a Disney VIP tour in previous years. Although we can only speculate on how Disney health services will handle certain aspects once the doors are open again, there are definitely a few ideas that will likely to come to fruition.

Extended Closure

This one’s a no-brainer, because we already see it happening. What began as a two-week closure has turned into being indefinite, which basically means there is no set date for the park’s reopening and one shouldn’t be expected at any particular point in time. In fact, Disney recently announced that annual passholders can receive a refund of their monthly or annual fees in lieu of an extension.

Cast Member Testing

This definitely falls under the category of speculation, but it’s certainly true one huge step to getting the country back on track and keeping people safe is being able to test whether or not a person has already contracted the coronavirus and recovered from it. Given the idea that this would most likely equal immunity, Disney Cast Members (and workers elsewhere) would conceivably be tested so they could return to work with less concern of getting sick or passing the virus to someone else.

Social Distancing

When the Orlando theme park reopens, you can fully expect that social distancing will continue for quite some time. How exactly this will be handled at such a typically crowded place as Disney World is anyone’s guess, but seeing as how Disney health services are such an important aspect of the park, their guidelines will have everyone’s safety in mind. Disney VIP tour guides will be especially helpful because they can assist people with avoiding long lines and programming their FastPasses.

More Private Tours

A big reason people sign up for a Disney VIP tour is they want to reduce their time spent standing in line for various attractions. Before and during your visit, a private guide can also plan your itinerary, book Disney hotel reservations, find the best places to eat, locate characters throughout the park, and a whole lot more. It’s most likely that social distancing made possible by skipping lines through the VIP experience will make private tours more in demand.

Hand Sanitizer and Cleanings

Anyone who recalls the short Disney closure during the swine flu pandemic may also remember additional hand sanitizer stations were added throughout each park. The people in charge of Disney health services will likely add even more sanitizers and/or ensure that older ones function perfectly. You can also expect regular, thorough cleanings to take place anywhere may be physically touched by visitors.

Discounted Services

As evidenced by the quick actions taken by Disney to close their theme parks, it’s clear that their number one priority is safety. However, many visitors may be reluctant to go anywhere at first even after Disney health services safety guidelines are in place and everyone has been given the all-clear. To help bring in visitors, we may see discounted services, whether they’re in the form of theme park tickets, Disney resorts, annual passes, food items, or other such specials.

Contact World Class VIP for a Disney Adventure

Once the planet gets back to normal, a Disney World VIP tour will be the perfect vacation for adults and kids alike. The guides at World Class VIP can assist you with all the perks listed above, in addition to locating your favorite characters, keeping your personal belongings secure, navigating the park, and others. Give us a call at (407) 270-1781 to learn more about and get a Private VIP Disney Tour quote.

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