Have a Disney movie marathon to keep your children in the Disney spirit!

Coronavirus closures gotcha down? Many individuals and families probably realized when Disney World closed that things had gotten serious. Nothing is more important than your health and safety, so first off, please make sure you’re taking care of yourself by washing your hands, exercising social distancing, and staying home when you can.

With Disney World closed, you’re probably looking for fun things to do with your kids. Even though we can’t offer you any reprieve when your mind is filled with Mickey Mouse ears or the secret Chewbacca code at Smugglers Run, what we can do is give you a few awesome Disney movie marathon suggestions you can enjoy at home until Disney World reopens!

Animated Meets Live Action

At around the same time Disney World closed, the live-action version of Mulan was placed on hold, but there are plenty of others that you can enjoy. Start off by re-watching animated favorites such as Aladdin, Lion King, and Dumbo, and then switch to the live-action versions to experience them in a different light. Make it a game by telling your children you want them to spot the story differences! You can even do this with Lady and the Tramp, which has been given the live-action treatment for the Disney Plus service.

One More Viewing of Zootopia

Zootopia might possibly be the most culturally relevant movie to be made in the last decade, animated or otherwise. This story of a small but gung-ho rabbit trying to make something of herself in a world filled with predators and larger animals is not only cute and fun for children, but offers a reflection on society that will spark genuine discussion between parents and their kids. This is a delightful addition to any Disney movie marathon.

Absolutely Any Pixar Movie

Let’s face it – you can never go wrong with a Pixar movie. In just 25 years, this fantastic addition to the Disney family has made incredible movies about toys, bugs, fish, cars, monsters, rats, robots, superheroes, and even emotions. This year, you can add fantasy creatures and souls to the list. All your favorites are probably on the Disney Plus service right now, so be sure to check them out.

Time for Princess Power!

The Disney princesses easily make up one of the most famous collections of characters ever conceived. A movie marathon comprised of princess-filled stories like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, and Frozen is the perfect way to give your little ones their Disney fix while the theme park is closed for business. You can even add Princess Leia and Rey from Star Wars to this list!

Avengers Movies, Assemble!

The world is filled with superhero movies these days and there’s nothing quite like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Iron Man and Captain America to Spider-Man and Black Panther, not to mention the Infinity Saga two-parter that closes out more than a decade of story lines, this presents the perfect marathon to fill the time until Disney World reopens. The best part about this particular Disney movie marathon is that it will keep your family engaged for many hours.

May the Marathon Be with You

Since Disney purchased Star Wars from Lucasfilm several years ago, they’ve produced a new trilogy, a few stand-alone films, and a successful TV show (oh, Baby Yoda, how we adore you). Most of these you can be found on the Disney Plus service either now or very soon and every film is the perfect space adventure for kids and adults of all ages. Whether your kids (or you!) are fans of Luke and Han or Rey and Finn, there’s something for everyone. Now is also the time to get your children into the animated sagas of Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels!

World Class VIP Will Be Standing by to Help

A Disney movie marathon is the perfect distraction until Disney World reopens. As soon as the park is back up and running again, World Class VIP will help you get the VIP experience you deserve. Our Disney VIP tour guides will relieve some of your stress by planning your itinerary, booking Disney hotel reservations, helping you skip lines, and other great perks. Call us at (407) 270-2519 with any questions about our Disney VIP tour.

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