Plan your Disney Orlando vacation now!

The coronavirus pandemic has caused pandemonium throughout the United States and around the world, but we will reach a point where things will get back to normal, even if it’s a “new normal” for a while. This year, in fact, we fully expect many families to make plans for a Disney Orlando vacation once things begin to die down.

In fact, with the recent openings of the Japan location and Disney Springs, it won’t be too long before more steps are taken and your Disney Orlando vacation will be a reality. In fact, here are some reasons why the world’s best theme park will be a hotspot after the pandemic has run its course:

People Want Out of the House

Even many self-proclaimed hermits must be thinking that enough is enough by now. Most members of society are perfectly fine with helping keep people safe by staying at home as much as possible, but you’d be hard-pressed to find more than a few who aren’t ready to get out and enjoy themselves again. While it isn’t expected that places with notoriously large crowds will see a huge influx of patronage right away, you can bet that a lot of families are already preparing for a Disney Orlando vacation.

Orlando Has Always Been a Hotspot

Orlando has been a hotspot for as long as most people can remember, and it will be that way once again. In fact, we’re betting that a lot of people reading this are doing so because they’re thinking about their next Disney Orlando vacation and wondering what they should expect. It won’t take long after the pandemic is over before the city will be back to its old self.

Two Words: Beach Time!

Florida is well-known for its gorgeous beaches and you can absolutely bet that many travelers are itching to lay in the sun, take a dip, or even go boating as soon as the pandemic is over. Of course, since Disney World is a hop, skip, and jump from some of the world’s most famous beaches, you can bet that many people will be visiting the park, too. After all, it would be a waste to come all this way and not pick up a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, right?

Two More Words: VIP Experience!

Since many people have been forced to put off their Disney Orlando vacation, you can bet that the idea of a Disney VIP tour is especially attractive right now. Third-party Disney VIP tour guides will help you skip long lines, program your FastPasses, make Disney hotel reservations, navigate the park, find tasty foods and beverages, and other such perks. And a VIP experience following the pandemic is sure to feel even better than ever.

Limited Crowds at Theme Parks

Disney World will be going to great lengths to keep guests as safe and healthy as possible. Part of this will involve limiting the park’s capacity to 50% of what is normal, which will later be increased to 75%. These lighter crowds will surely make a Disney Orlando vacation an extremely attractive prospect for the foreseeable future. Just keep in mind to order tickets in advance since there will be fewer slots.

Kids Will Be Nagging You

Children are our most precious commodity, but let’s face it – they love to nag us about going to Disney World. Thanks to COVID-19 keeping children indoors for so long, and most likely watching movies on Disney Plus, you can bet that they’re going to be really excited about visiting the Orlando park after the pandemic is over. And we bet you’re just as excited as they are!

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