What are some of our favorite attractions at Disney Springs in Orlando?

While you’re busy seeing the theme parks on your vacation, don’t forget to stop by Disney Springs! It’s the premier center for shopping, entertainment, and unique Disney Springs attractions like hot air balloons and cars that can drive into the water!

From the older, classic attractions such as the Disney Store, to newer ones like Gideon’s Bakehouse, there is something here that every person can appreciate.

Now, let’s dive in to some of our favorite Disney Springs attractions for 2022!

#7 The Coca Cola Store

This Disney Springs attraction serves as a nod to memory lane. Filled with everything Coca Cola, it has anything you can imagine, from vintage posters and ornaments, to clothing and fuzzy blankets – and everything in-between.

Our favorite place to stop is the rooftop diner on the fourth floor. Here, you can enjoy the view and the nice breeze as you sample tasty treats and vintage flavors. It’s definitely worth putting on your list of things to see!

#6 The House of Blues

The House of Blues is a famous Disney Springs Attraction known for its live music and entertainment. The place has a down-home southern feel, where you can eat comfort food and listen to music as long as you wish.

The House of Blues features world-renowned artists from all corners of the globe. Classic blues, jazz, and gospel are just some of the genres that musicians have played at this iconic locale. You can visit their website here to see a schedule of concerts.

They also have a southern gospel brunch on Sundays, featuring an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, and a fantastic choir singing all of your favorites. Live music includes songs by Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett, CeCe Winans, and more!

#5 Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

Ever wonder what happened to Indiana Jones’ pilots after their adventures? Jock Lindsey settled in Disney Springs, of course! He was attracted to the beautiful lake and lush greenery on the shore, and decided to settle here and give seaplane tours.

With so many people coming to visit, Jock Lindsey’s place became the local hangout, and he eventually opened up a restaurant – aviation-themed, of course!

When you step inside, it’s like you’re stepping into an airplane hangar – filled with bits and pieces of airplanes and artifacts from days gone by.

The hangar bar offers a variety of Indiana Jones-themed food and drinks. Some of which are the Air Pirate’s pretzels, the Fountain of Youth drink, or the Scottish Professor, which is a blend of scotch whiskey and gin. And there is also our favorite – the Snakebite Sliders. Even Indy likes to take a bite out of these – and he hates snakes.

#4 Ride the Aerophile Balloon

Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon before? Well, now is your chance! This Disney Springs Attraction can fly you 400 feet into the sky for a bird’s eye view of Orlando.

There is no height requirement, so you don’t have to worry about one parent staying behind with a youngster and the other parent going on the balloon with the other child. Instead, the whole family can hop on and enjoy the ride. It can also accommodate 30 people at a time, so you won’t have to worry about long lines and wait times.

#3 Take a Ride in a Vintage Amphicar!

Did you ever wish that your car could float in the water like the one in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Well, now you can take a ride in a car that floats on water, too! The vintage-style cars drive straight into the water, and can accommodate 3 guests at a time.

Your tour guide will take you around the lake, explaining the history of the area and giving you choice morsels of information as you enjoy the beautiful scenery and the breeze coming off the lake.

#2 Stop by Gideon’s Bakehouse for a treat!

Gideon’s is a bakery with an interesting story behind it. The owner picked up a vintage cookbook one day, and saw that it was previously owned by a boy named Gideon. It was Gideon’s dream to become a baker, but sadly he passed away before he could make that dream a reality.

So, the owner decided to fulfill this boy’s dream and open up a bakery – using actual recipes that the boy scrawled in the pages of the cookbook.

And people loved them.

The Gothic-style bakehouse was such a hit in Orlando, that they opened up a second location in Disney Springs. But, you have to get there before it opens at ten. Last time we went, the virtual queue was filled up for the day by 11am! With a line around the corner of the block every day, it’s got to be good.

#1 See the Drawn to Life Cirque Du Soleil Show

Drawn to Life portrays the story of a young girl named Julie, whose father passed away much too soon. When she was going through his things, she found an unfinished animation piece that he was working on.

As Julie picks up her pencil and decides to finish the piece, she discovers the joy of drawing and bringing different characters to life. Watch as her favorite characters come to life, swirling and tumbling through the air, and her memories flow with them.

The show is ultimately a story that alternates between nostalgia and hope for the future, with the joy of animation and creativity to season the mix. At World Class VIP, we give it two thumbs up!

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