Disney Springs is now open for visitors!

People from all over have been chomping at the bit as they wait for downtown Disney and other areas of Disney World to reopen following a long hiatus no one could have anticipated. The good news is that after weeks of anticipation, Disney Springs opened finally on June 17th!

Families have already begun to make vacation plans to visit Orlando again, including quite a few of them signing up for a Disney VIP tour so they can get the most out of experience. If you’re thinking about visiting Disney Springs, it’s important that you understand what to expect once you get there.

Dining and Shopping Experiences

Although most of Disney World will be opening up in mid-July, the Disney Springs opening doesn’t include any attractions for now. These will be opened up later once the rest of the park is ready. They’re currently focused on providing dining and shopping experiences for visitors. Since this is much of what makes the area so popular, we’re guessing most people won’t mind to start off things this way.

Reduced Parking and Entrances

With Disney World and its visitors being on high alert, it’s important to keep crowds under control. To help accomplish this, Disney Springs will provide reduced parking and limited entrances. As of right now, there will be five entrances in total, which will be the Orange garage, Lime garage, Marketplace entrance, the bus loop near Town Center, and the rideshare drop-off area.

Temperature Screenings for Everyone

One telltale sign that a person possibly has the coronavirus is a high temperature. Each person who enters the park, including guests and employees, will be given a non-touch temperature screening. If someone’s temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, he or she will not be allowed entrance to the park.

Face Masks Required for Everyone

Wearing face masks prevents droplets carrying the virus from being expelled into the air when you cough, sneeze, or simply talk. Masks will be required as part of the Disney Springs opening to avoid infection by anyone who may be asymptomatic. If you arrive without a face mask, don’t worry – you will be provided one for free or you can purchase a set of Disney-themed ones for a small fee.

Standalone Bars Won’t Be Open

Out of all the different entertainment venues that were forced to close due to COVID-19, bars hurt a lot of people the most because they’re great places to relax and spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, due to their crowded nature, standalone bars in Disney Springs won’t be opening up quite yet. The good news is that alcohol will be served in the restaurants, so you can still have a drink with your buddies.

Social Distancing Guidelines

All areas of the park, from downtown Disney to Epcot, will be focusing on social distancing guidelines as an effective way to keep people safe. The venues throughout Disney Springs will feature markings on the ground to indicate where to stand so that you can achieve social distancing whenever possible. Following this guideline will primarily be up to the guests, so please show courtesy toward others.

More Stringent Cleaning Measures

Disney World has always prided itself on providing clean facilities in all areas of the park. Due to coronavirus concerns, you can expect even more stringent cleaning measures during your visit to Disney Springs. Areas that are frequently touched will be wiped down on a regular basis, scheduled cleanings will increase, and hand sanitizer stations will be commonplace.

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