Have a fussy Disney toddler on your hands? Here’s how to calm them down while at the park.

With theme parks making plans to reopen across the country, a Disney World vacation for you and your family is once again within your reach. Since Disney World will be reopening in phases, you should definitely start making plans sooner rather than later.

If you’re planning on having a Disney toddler in tow, you may be a bit worried about them becoming fussy throughout the trip. We’d hate to see you leave the little tyke out of the fun, so we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that should ease tensions a bit and make your trip go more smoothly.

Temper Your Vacation Expectations

When making your Disney World vacation plans, you should always temper your overall expectations. Traveling with a toddler often means that you must roll with the punches at any given moment. There are many wonderful attractions and events to experience at Disney World, so if a fussy toddler or anything else forces you to make tweaks here and there, you should be okay with that.

Focus on What They’re Excited About!

Even though your toddler is quite young, we’re betting that he or she has already become a big fan of Disney characters. That’s just a fact of life for most kids nowadays. Their excitement can sometimes cause fussiness because they’re impatient to arrive or become bored between attractions. Keep their spirits up by focusing on the rides and characters that they’re most excited about. Engaging them throughout the trip will make everything easier.

Give Your Disney Toddler Something New to Wear

Little kids love to receive new clothes, especially when they’re adorned with their favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars characters. Pick up a new shirt, for example, and tell them they can wear it once they get to the park if they’re well-behaved. This will make your Disney toddler’s day and could very well make your trip a whole lot easier.

Rent a Stroller at the Park, If Needed

There are definitely some awesome strollers available to rent at Disney World. These can be very beneficial for toddlers because they won’t get exhausted from walking so much. Your choice to get a stroller will most likely come down to the child’s age. Even if your toddler is four years old and hasn’t been in a stroller since they were three, you may want to make an exception for the trip.

Hire a Disney World Babysitter

Kids’ Nite Out is a babysitting service fully endorsed by Disney. This service is often used by parents who want to have a night out on the town while a well-trained and CPR-certified babysitter watches the child in the hotel room and keeps them entertained. However, another option is to have a babysitter accompany you at the park to care for the toddler for either part of the day or the entire day.

Special Treats Certainly Won’t Hurt your Disney Toddler

One of the best things about Disney World is the incredible amount of food that you can find, some of which are exclusive to Disney such as Mickey Mouse cookies and Dole Whip. Although you definitely want to control a child’s sugar intake, they may stop being so fussy if you promise them a treat. The choice of whether or not to bribe your child with a special treat so they behave properly is a debate that will probably never end, so the decision is yours.

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