Prepare for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon with a twist!

Since its inception, the Disney Wine and Dine Half-Marathon has become a tradition for many visitors. People from all across the country and even outside our great nation love to join get, get some exercise, and celebrate one of the biggest passions – Disney! If you’ve been wondering if this year’s event was going to take place, the answer is yes, but it will be celebrated in a virtual fashion.

How the Virtual Marathon Will Work

If you choose to participate in this year’s virtual Disney Wine and Dine Half-Marathon, you’ll be sent a race shirt and medal for each distance that you complete. The race can be completed from him, at a local running track, or even along your favorite running trail.

If you don’t wish to partake in this virtual Disney marathon, that’s perfectly okay. The folks at Disney World understand that some runners might not feel that a virtual marathon will give them the same experience. If that is the case, you simply need to request a refund through their customer service channels. You can either receive a credit back in the same form in which you paid, receive a check in the mail if that form of payment has changed, or receive a Disney gift card in exchange.

Looking Forward to the 2021 Marathon

The coronavirus has not only resulted in tragedies that we would rather not even think about, but it’s also interrupted businesses and events throughout 2020.

The company has already announced that the 2021 Disney Wine and Dine Half-Marathon will be scheduled as normal. Whether certain changes will need to be made will depend on a variety of factors involving the current state of the pandemic at the time, but there will definitely be a physical marathon.

Enjoy Disney World with a Disney VIP Tour

Every type of attraction at Disney World in Orlando is much better when you sign up for a private Disney VIP tour. This includes the Disney Wine and Dine Half-Marathon happening in 2021 and any trip to the park that you’d like to take right now while lines are shorter.

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Plan Your Itinerary Before Your Arrive

It’s always best that you have a basic idea of what your daily Disney World plans will be. Once you sign up for a private Disney VIP tour, your personal guide can help you figure it out. Don’t worry – this plan is obviously not set in stone and alterations can be made at any point before or after your arrival.

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It’s obviously not difficult to make Disney hotel reservations. The hard part comes in deciding which one will fit your needs the best. This is where your guide will come in especially handy prior to arrival. You may be looking for a themed room, character breakfast, water slide, or another type of amenity. The guide will help you narrow it down based on your specifications and make your choice.

Reduce the Time You Spend in Line

If there’s one activity at Disney World that would ever get a negative review, it’s definitely standing in line waiting for an attraction. Arguably the greatest benefit that your personal guide will provide is a reduction in the time you spend doing nothing but waiting. With the FastPass+ program temporarily placed on hold because of the pandemic, this has even more value.

Discover New Foods and Beverages

There is such an amazing variety of food and beverages strewn throughout Disney World that most people probably couldn’t identify their absolute favorite. Thanks to their vast knowledge of Disney restaurants, snack carts, and more, private Disney VIP tour guides will help you locate your favorite foods and discover new treats along the way.

Adhere to Coronavirus Health Guidelines

This particular Disney marathon may be heading into the virtual world this year, but the theme park as a whole is very much open. If you’re going to attend, your guide will help you adhere to the coronavirus health guidelines. These include social distancing, wearing a face mask, finding hand sanitizer stations, locating bathrooms to wash up in, and basically just staying safe.

Contact World Class VIP for Your Next Orlando Vacation

The Disney Wine and Dine Half-Marathon may be virtual this year, but there are plenty of real-world events going on at Disney World to enjoy through the end of 2020. Let the Disney VIP tour guides at World Class VIP show you a great time by helping you spend less time in line, find a great hotel, plan an itinerary, discover delicious food, keep your personal belongings safe, navigate the park, and much more. To receive a free, no-obligation private Disney VIP tour quote, give us a call at (407) 236-1098 today.

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