Plan you Disney World 2021 Adventure Now!

After the year everyone’s had, millions of people are chomping at the bit to get back to a semblance of normalcy next year. In fact, by the time your Disney World 2021 vacation comes around, you can expect things to be a little bit more familiar.

If you want to get the most out of next year’s trip to Orlando, it’s important that you begin planning as soon as possible. Below are some quick tips that will help you get started right now!

Choose the Dates to Visit

The first part of your Disney World planning will obviously be to select the dates when you’d like to visit. This year, several events such as the Disney marathon were canceled. We’re not exactly sure what events will look like in 2021, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to plan your trip around one of those if you so desire. Also, keep in mind that as time goes on, capacity restrictions will relax and crowds will begin to return to normal.

Download the My Disney App

The My Disney App is a great way to plan your itinerary long before you leave home. It allows you to access the Disney World map, check out the restaurants, order tickets, and much more. It can be downloaded for free directly from the Disney website. It’s also handy once you’ve arrived at the park because it allows you to have an easy-to-access map and see each attraction’s wait time, both of which will help you navigate the park more easily.

Sign Up for a Disney VIP Tour

If you want to make your Disney World 2021 adventure really special, you should definitely consider signing up for a private tour. Disney VIP tour guides will help you plan your itinerary, book a Disney hotel, locate your favorite characters, maintain social distancing guidelines, navigate the park, discover delicious food, keep your personal belongings secure, and other such perks. The primary benefit, however, is that you’ll end up spending less time standing in line because of their expertise and tricks of the trade.

Decide on Number of Days

A big question that you must ask yourself is how many days you’re planning to visit the park. The truth is, Disney World is a very big place and seeing everything that you want to see is very likely impossible. In fact, most people spend at least two or three days during their visit, while some will stay as long as a week or more. A good plan is to utilize a private Disney VIP tour for your first day so you can get the most popular stuff out of the way.

Consider a Disney Package

If you’re thinking about spending more than one day at Disney World (and you really should), you’ll save a good deal of money by signing up for one of the multi-day packages that their site offers. Each Disney travel package includes tickets to the park and your choice of a Disney resort hotel. Normally, you’d also receive the perk of being able to either go to the park before it opens or stay after it closes, but that’s been placed on hold because of the pandemic. However, that perk will most likely return sometime in 2021, and you’ll receive others, as well.

Make Hotel Reservations Early

Although Disney World isn’t too busy right now, 2021 will get back into full swing before you know it. This means that Disney resort hotels will begin filling up quickly again. Make sure that you make your Disney hotel reservations as far in advance as you can so that you can lock in a room. There are several different types to choose from, each with its own special amenities, so just sit down with everyone who’s going and decide which one would best fit your needs.

Plan for Pandemic Guidelines

There’s no way to know for sure what 2021 holds in terms of the pandemic, so it’s best to make it a part of your Disney World planning for now. You should plan on a limited capacity, social distancing guidelines, and face mask restrictions. Even after the pandemic is over, these restrictions will probably stay in place throughout the year in a lot of places, and theme parks could be one of them.

Make Dining Plans Early, Too

Restaurants at Disney World have a tendency to fill up very quickly. Even though the park is operating at a limited capacity right now, many places to eat may be crowded because of social distancing guidelines and closed restaurants. It’s also possible that character breakfasts will fill up, too, so make these reservations as early as you can, as well.

Contact World Class VIP for a Disney World 2021 Adventure

World Class VIP can help make your trip wonderful by providing you with a Disney World 2021 VIP experience that you’ll absolutely love. For any questions or to receive a private VIP Disney tour quote, call us today at (407) 270-0956.

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